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  1. t.j. booker

    The Nacho thread

    I like tortillas with some Fritos sprinkled in, a mountain of melted cheddar cheese, tater tots and buttermilk fried chicken nuggets with lots of guac and a perfectly round scoop of sour cream on top.
  2. t.j. booker

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Anybody else hate wearing the mask? I don’t mind while I’m sheltering in place but I hate wearing it in the shower and I’m bed.
  3. t.j. booker

    Manage my divorce

    Mine went smooth. I gave Gloria the house cause she wanted it and had the kid. Not my kid but still a kid and you need a house if you have one. We split my 401(k) and I paid for the arbitrator but I got a great deal cause it was a guy Gloria knew from college. She kept the Audi but I’ll be done making payments next year. She got to keep all our furniture and friends. All I got was the clap and a 1-room apartment.
  4. t.j. booker

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    I once got pulled over for speeding and the cop was a real jerk about it. “What’s the hurry, chubster?” he said. “Is there a sale on hot dogs somewhere?” I filed a complaint a few days later but nothing ever came of it.
  5. t.j. booker

    Reb Lobster Mothers Day Brawl

    Gloria used to love Red Lobster. She ate there so often pretty much all the waiters and customers knew her. She liked IHOP too.
  6. Are you guys nuts? THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! Wake up late, order meals through Grub Hub, play video games, watch some porno. I’ll go back to the sporting goods store in the Fall thank you very much. Whats the downside?
  7. t.j. booker

    Favorite job when you were younger?

    I worked at a bakery that gave me the leftover cookies.
  8. t.j. booker

    So what’s your porno consumption line these days?

    It’s short for “pornographic” get it?
  9. I was never a big porno watcher because my soon to be ex wife thought it was degrading to women and didn’t like it and forbade me from watching it. But now that I’m a bachelor in voluntary shelter in place on account of my glandular condition I’ve been watching porno and eating snacks for 12 or 14 hours per day. Did you know there are literally MILLIONS of porno videos out there and they’re all FREE! I didn’t either. Even reputable networks like the British Broadcasting Corporation make porno videos now! I even found a few that have a young lady that looks a LOT like my Gloria. God I miss her.
  10. t.j. booker

    New official "I contracted Corona Virus Thread"

    Lately I been feeling lethargic and slow and I get out of breath and a little sweaty when I exert myself even a little bit like walking up a flight of stairs. Covid-19?
  11. What about Americans who have a glandular problem?
  12. t.j. booker

    The NBA will be back on the air Sunday.

    So does Gloria.
  13. t.j. booker

    Favorite 80’s Movie