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  1. So I told my boss from the sporting goods store where I work in stock that starting tomorrow I plan to self quarantine on account of my glandular problem with causes the obesity and respiratory issues. And this guy says “TJ if you don’t get your fat ass down to Dicks tomorrow you’re FIRED!” His reason is that Idaho isn’t doing shelter in place yet. I tried to explain that it’s just not safe out there for a “high risk” individual like myself! Isn’t my health the most important thing? He said no the most important thing was getting the new shipment on the shelves. Can you believe it?
  2. t.j. booker

    Things you wish you had bought/hoarded but didn't...

    Ding dongs. I loaded up on devil dogs, ho hos, twinkies and zingers but I’m dangerously low on ding dongs. Also cinnamon buns.
  3. t.j. booker

    Choice: $1M at 50, dead at 60, or..

    Can I take my injection now?
  4. Had dinner at the one Chuck-o-Rama. It was awesome. There were like 5 people in the place. Score! I loaded up on chicken fried steak with gravy and bacon mac and cheese and stuffed potato skins. First ribs at the sundae bar too. Now I’m running a 101 fever with a dry cough and sore throat. Do I have meat sweats or is it coronavirus???
  5. When I caught Gloria doing the horizontal mamba with Lamar, I should’ve left. When I caught her cheating a second time with D’Quan, I should have left. When I caught her with Darnell, Marquis, Terrell, Terrence, Jamal, Jalen, Reginald, Xavier, Andre, Quame, etc., I should have left. Now she’s gone. I miss her so much!
  6. t.j. booker

    anybody use online dating sites?

    That’s okay with me! I could lose a few extra pounds anyway haha. Plus I got no money or prospects. my main criteria would be “willing.”
  7. t.j. booker

    anybody use online dating sites?

    Now that I’m single again I been thinking about putting myself “on the market” but i don’t know where to start meeting women. Not many women come into the sporting goods store where I work and most of the ones I see at Chuck o Rama are married or too busy eating. My buddy said tinder is a good no stress way to let the ladies know TJ is “open for business.” Do you guys have any advice on sites or profile tips? im so lonely. And horny too but mostly lonely.
  8. t.j. booker

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  9. t.j. booker

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Stocked up on the essentials today: ice cream bacon Doritos and enough bread milk and eggs to make French toast for a month. And tp. Lots and lots of tp.
  10. t.j. booker

    Best way to clean glasses?

    What does it do? My glasses are pretty steamy.
  11. t.j. booker

    Dress shirts

    Me too!
  12. t.j. booker

    V D Plans?

    I once got the clap three times in one year. Gloria she said I must not be washing my wiener hard enough.
  13. t.j. booker

    Xfl tomorrow....whose gonna give it a quarter?

    I bet $50 on the Tampa Bay Vipers.
  14. t.j. booker

    The big 4-0 today!

    That’s where I went to dinner on my 40th too!