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  1. Lately I’ve got the feeling that Gloria has been cheating on me again. It’s just the little things: she seems distant and doesn’t want to cuddle or hold hands like she used to, doesn’t reply to my text messages that fast or answer the phone when I call her at work, wears sexy clothes when she goes out dancing with her friends some of which are buff African American and Latino guys she met at the gym and doesn’t come home until the wee hours of the morning stinking of booze, etc. you know the usual stuff. And when I mention it to her she says I’m being crazy and paranoid and controlling and crazy and if I keep harassing her like this she is never going to feel close enough to me to resume the sexual relations that we used to have over a year ago and would it kill me to eat a salad every once in a while? I could stand to lose a few pounds. So I was telling my troubles to my buddy Walter the other day and he said he thinks Gloria is cheating. Well I refuse to believe she would do something like that again but he said “TJ I hate to be the one to break it to you but your wife is a cheating ho.” Well obviously this got my blood boiling so I said “Walter if you ever talk about my queen like that again so help me I’ll ... oh who am I kidding” and I ordered another beer. Anyway Walt says he knows a private diick that he could put on my wife? I don’t know seems like a huge violation of her privacy and all but maybe he has a point. Has anyone hired a private diick for their wife before?
  2. Does she have lots of guy friends? Are they all younger and have names like Lamar, DeAndre, Malik? Does she wear a miniskirt and halter top to go out “bowing” with her guy friends and says it’s okay because it wasn’t one on one, she was with Lamar, DeAndre and Malik so no hanky panky could happen? Then she doesn’t answer the phone all night cause she didn’t hear it on account of how loud the bowling balls are in the bowling alley and she come home at the wee hours stinking of booze and cigarettes and immediately takes a shower? And when you ask where she went drinking cause Westy’s Garden Lanes doesn’t serve alcohol she says Big Al’s Meridian but when you say they don’t let you smoke at Big Al’s and besides all the bowling alleys in town close before 4 am she says Mind your own business you fat slob cant a girl go bowling with some friends on a Tuesday night for Christ sake? so does your wife have guy friends?
  3. t.j. booker

    New here

    I’m glad your here. I could use someone to talk to.
  4. t.j. booker

    What's Up Biotches?

    Same old same old bunny. I’m still short, fat and broke. I have the Hershey squirts every day of the week. Gloria is still cheating on me with a chinaman. I can’t complain.
  5. t.j. booker

    Does your wife do this too?

    No way I could follow her. The Chinaman is pretty fit. With my luck he would beat me up and make me hold his pants while he bangs Gloria.
  6. t.j. booker

    Does your wife do this too?

    I know right? Gloria says it’s my own fault cause of my weight gain and lack of job success.
  7. t.j. booker

    Does your wife do this too?

    Does your wife have “girls night out” 2-3 days per week where she gets her hair and nails done, wears sexy clothes and doesn’t reply to text messages all night? Then she comes home in the wee hours of the morning stinking of booze or doesn’t come home at all and says her friend Laura was drinking too and not safe to drive so they took an Uber to Laura’s apartment and she stayed there so nobody would have to drive? And when you ask why she didn’t just call you for a drive she says you are jealous and controlling and need to mind your own business and back off? And if you ask if she’s still talking to the Chinese guy she had an affair with last year she says of course they have to talk because she works at the same bank where he is assistant manager but they don’t get lunch together anymore unless they need to talk shop and there’s no hanky panky going on? does your wife do this too? Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. t.j. booker

    how often do you have diarrhea?

    hey guys I dont know who this doctor is but can we keep the focus on me and my problems?
  9. t.j. booker

    how often do you have diarrhea?

    I was around 325 last time I had a checkup. The doctor said I am obese. I dont think he had to use that word but maybe it was the kick in the pants I need. I started taking the stairs sometimes, cut fast food down to only a few days a week and work out with a dumbbell now. Maybe Gloria wioukd like me better if I was tall and muscular. And Asian. I dont take any medications except for my blood pressure pills and Zoloft.
  10. t.j. booker

    how often do you have diarrhea?

    I used to have it a couple days a week. Now I have it almost every day since my wife Gloria stopped having sex with me. She says she still feels guilty for the affair she had last year and needs time to fee close to me again. Im so frustrated Im going to hooters for happy hour after work on Friday. Every day for 278 consecutive days. Thats how often I have diarrhea.
  11. t.j. booker

    Woman in 14-Year Coma Gives Birth in Arizona

    she probably made more noise than my wife
  12. mine was after a date with Gloria. We went to Applebees and split and appetizer sampler and a burger. Then we saw a romantic comedy because she likes romantic comedies. Afterward I drove her back to her apartment. The whole way I was nervous and trying to think of how to put the movies on, maybe handle a boob. Out front of her place I went in for a kiss but I missed cause her mouth was already on my zipper. She barely got it in her mouth before I erupted like my St. Helens. I thought Wow I need to marry this woman and keep the good Times rolleyes nf! That was July of 2009. I wonder if she was blowing her boyfriend.
  13. t.j. booker

    Update wife came home

    I can assure you guys this is not a lie. Im not a liar, unlike a certain woman I know who woukd say she had a pta meeting when there was no Ora meeting or that she had girls night out at the bar when there was no girls night out, or said she was going for a walk and cane back 2 hours later with different parties on. anyway I got a dozen roses and a reservation for a great steakhouse so the healing and sexy tunes start tonight!
  14. t.j. booker

    Add Louis CK to the list

    You just described my sex life to a T
  15. t.j. booker

    Update wife came home

    well to be fair the house is in her name and I weigh 3 bills so I cant really expect her to want me, Id settle for an obligation handjob once in a while.