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  1. Hoops

    Mr Guru re Tyreek Hill

    I may be wrong but.....including preseason I think Hill is now 21/21 on targets from Mahomes. OBTW......dude can run routes and catch too.
  2. Hoops

    Drafting for a league member not there...

    Our league did this in 2005 secondary to Hurricane Katrina. Fairest way to do it is to alternate who picks for the absent player.......with priority given to those players that pick before the absent player in any given round.
  3. Drew Brees has a season for the ages....including his 2nd SB title......moving him into the discussion of the GOAT.
  4. According to the stat geeks over at Pro Football Focus he is top 3 among all TEs in their blocking rankings. In fact he was top 5 in almost all TE stats including # 1 in yds/catch I am a Saints' homer and am absolutely certain that his targets will not decrease one bit.
  5. Hoops

    Colston set to return

    Not sure where to begin here. Well first of all I'm a homer. Secondly, Colston normally plays on the outside.......Lance Moore plays in the slot. Third, Wes Welker is certainly the best slot receiver in the league and one of the best alltime. Lastly, Colston has had like 6 or 7 knee surgeries over the of the last 4 years........not good. The cogs in the Saints' offense right now are Brees, Moore, Graham and Sproles. Colston along with Henderson, Meachem, PT and Ingram will get their touches but not on a consistent basis. Colston has had the major dropsies dating back to last season and unfortunately continuing through training camp this year. Brees won't tolerate that even from his former go to guy. On a side note...... In the 4th quarter of the Texans game Brees went no-huddle using an empty set with 5 receivers to choose from including Sproles. Honestly it was the scariest I have ever seen the Saints' offense........unstoppable.
  6. Hoops

    Jerry Rice - that great oroverrated?

    Or Newman vs. Mosconi in a game of nine ball...... Or Newman vs. Helmuth in a game no-limit holdem....... Or Newman vs Chestnut in an egg eating contest......
  7. Hoops

    Jerry Rice - that great oroverrated?

    Moss.....agreed. TO taking plays off? Not being physical? FAIL TO was one of the most physical WRs to ever play the game. Like Rice was a GREAT blocker. TO's an ass but that's no reason to just flat out make stuff up.
  8. Hoops

    Lance Moore...

    The amazing thing is almost all of Moores pts came on one drive. Saints' went no huddle in the spread and Brees hit Moore on like 5 consecutive passes including a TD and a 2 pointer. I don't own Lance but had to laugh thinking of his owners cursing him all game and then Bam! 21 points on one drive. Earlier in the game you had a Sproles drive and also a Jimmy Graham drive......Brees is the absolute best.
  9. Hoops

    Those Bengals at it again ... drug shipments

    NFL Network to launch new product: The Panama Red-Zone Channel
  10. Hoops

    Saints D.... Yes they are for real

    Just returning the bump from last week. :-) Yeah, I know this was not an elite receiving core they faced.....best RC is Forte and he got his. But they looked much better in pass rush and coverage today. Next week will be a true test......but I must now reiterate: Yes, the Saints D is for REAL!
  11. Hoops

    Brees Streak Watch

    That's one. I expect Brees to be at 44 at the close of this season. I also expect him to be in the top ten alltime passing yards at the close of this season......will pass JKelley today.
  12. Hoops

    Brees Streak Watch

    Drew Brees has the opportunity today to tie Dan Marino for 3rd on the alltime list for consecutive games with a TD pass. The alltime record is of course held by Johnny Unitas at 47. Favre is 2nd at 36 followed by Marino and Brees at 30 and 29 respectively. This is considered one of the most unbreakable records in all of sports. If Brees passes Marino and Favre in the upcoming weeks things could get very interesting.
  13. Hoops

    Is it finally time to BENCH Stephen Davis?

    I just STOLE Barry Sanders in the 15th round. Other idiot owners think he will stay retired. Ha Ha Ha.....fricken' morons.
  14. Hoops


    Actually, I thought the Giants pressured and hit Grossman plenty this past week.......and yet bad Rex didn't show up. In the short-term I like all 3 of these guys equally.......long-term I would lean toward Fitzpatrick>Henne>Grossman.
  15. Hoops

    For The First Time.......

    Four of the all-time great FF/NFL players will not be suiting up on opening day: Peyton, Farve, TO and Moss. Very strange.