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  1. crackills

    Kyler Murray Expectations?

    the expectation is he still sucks
  2. crackills

    Is Gus Edwards a must start

    he is a TD machine.. you have to roll with him unless you have much better options. Just know that he is due to a TD regression at some point and if he doesnt score.. you're looking at a 5-7pt week.
  3. crackills

    Bill Belichick is a Facade. Not a good coach!

    Coaches are definitely important. Look at all the terrible coaches that got replaced and teams turned around quickly. They are responsible for everything from drafting to installing O and D systems and weekly game plan. Bill's teams performed at a high level even mostly devoid of talent outside of QB
  4. crackills

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    FU Suckante Adams.. and all raiders... what a sh!tshow of an Org.(Cardinals on line1 - calling you losers) I have to keep starting your worthless ass because of how high i drafted you.. but no more. Go cry in to Rogers pillow!Reply to this topic
  5. crackills

    Bears get Sweat

    Rumor is he wanted to play in Atlanta so there is no guarantee that they could have signed him in the off season. Aggressive move, overpaid... but if he plays well, the price will be forgotten quickly
  6. crackills

    Bears get Sweat

    i think Bears will get the deal done.. i am sure they discussed this before they made the trade with the Commies . They'll have to overpay i am sure.. but thats what bad teams must do to get good players. Sweat is a good, not great pass rusher.. he will get his 7-10 sacks per year... and plays the run well.
  7. crackills

    Bill Belichick is a Facade. Not a good coach!

    thats dumb.. Nobody wins 6 superbowls by luck, just by having a great QB Its just NFL was different back then... The way Bill won years ago is no longer feasible. NFL changed, O systems changed. In his day you could win with a great D, good Running game and solid O line, clutch QB. That's not the recipe anymore. More likely scenario is that the NFL has passed Bill by and he refuses to adopt the new O minded thinking. That doesnt take away from what he accomplished up to this point.
  8. crackills

    Ride or Die with Tua?

    rolled with Tua over Lawrence this week... stoked with results!
  9. crackills

    Trust Fields this week?

    With crazy weather this week in Buffalo do you start Fields in the playoffs? Other options are not great R.Wilson, tannerhill, Carr
  10. crackills

    Matt Ryan to the bench, Nick Foles to start

    Full tank mode for Ursay
  11. crackills

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    How terrible are the Raiders!?... they need to blow up that team and start over. Great new stadium but Carr sucks and D is horrible.
  12. crackills

    Is Mr Williams droppable?

    if his inj was that severe they would have put him on IR.. i am holding him in two leagues
  13. crackills

    Chiefs Trade for Kadarius Toney

    Nice.. Mahomes gets richer. Giants really screwed the pooch drafting this guy in the 1st
  14. crackills

    Jameis Winston

    why the hell would you hold a backup qb?
  15. crackills

    Jets acquiring James Robinson

    I just dropped Jrob an hour before the announcement