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  1. crackills

    Sleeper defenses

    Boom! would you like that shaken or stirred?
  2. crackills

    Melvin Gordon... usage ideas?

    Whats everyone thinking on Gordon.. i know its projected to be a 50/50 split.. but im thinking w Grodonbeing the more talented rb.. he will get more looks and goal line. Is he in flex conversation or more of wait and see?
  3. crackills

    Sleeper defenses

    I am leaning here.. against WEagles underwelming O line.. i predict an upset
  4. crackills

    Collusion or Not? - DraftKings

    its obviously collusion.. but that doesnt make it illegal. The fault is on draft kings to make it some simple to beat their idiotic system
  5. crackills

    Am I crazy for thinking about starting Fuller

    starting both fuller and Parker over Pascal.. as there is a chance that Hilton comes back this week.
  6. crackills

    What the Kupp?

    I dont have too many other options in a 12 team league after losing Rideley and Parker.. rolling with him and keeping fingers crossed..if i had to predict, 70yds, 1td
  7. crackills

    Njoku vs AZ

    do it!
  8. crackills

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    good thing i stuck with Tanerhill
  9. crackills

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    I would definitely start Taneherill over Brees
  10. crackills


    There is definitely skill/ knowledge in FF. Skill as in understanding players, matchup, strength/ weaknesses, waivers/ trade strategy. Of course there is luck as well, nobody is arguing against that. People like to sh!t on FF as all luck where anyone with zero knowledge can win.. look that can happen in any game and even in the NFL, but reality is that those that know what they are doing will consistently finish in the top 3rd of the league. You can set up a league to reduce the chance of lucky wins somewhat. In an 8 team league your draft is your team and even on auto draft you will have a great team. Very little use for waivers as your only decision is which stud to start. In 10-14 team league with expanded rosters and inj you have to research and even watch games.. as stats alone can be very misleading and there is a LOT of bad advice out there from so called experts. Here true football fans will usually do much better than those that know nothing about football.
  11. crackills

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    Tanerhill has been on fire lately and has had multiple good FF games. Oak pass D is suspect. While Rogers has been inconsistent - He gets to play Skins at Lambo.. Skins D is underrated and since they benched Norman been better. Also have a history of good games against Rogers. With playoffs on the line... do you risk Tanerhill over Rogers.. or ride the known commodity?
  12. crackills


    which is why 8 team leagues suck.. zero skill needed
  13. crackills

    Giants pass catchers ... you figure it out

    yes.. maybe engram if he ever gets healthy
  14. crackills

    Lets talk TEs

    I've been rolling with Everett. he's been solid overall with a few clunkers. Doyle and Eifert are decent options as well. TEs have been mostly underperforming this year so its very much a crapshoot.
  15. crackills

    Emmanuel Sanders looking like a WR1

    he is definitely a wr1 ... as long as SF plays AZ every week.