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  1. crackills

    Football Team at Eagles: SNF Discussion

    you mean the same coaching staff that he had <4000 yds, 27td to 7int just last year with? .... it's not the coaching. He is not as mobile as Hurts but he also has twice the arm and way more experience. He looked shell shocked from the beginning of the season. Looks like David Carr out there... happy feet, sporadic throws, bad accuracy, hearing foot steps.
  2. crackills

    Football Team at Eagles: SNF Discussion

    The issue with Wentz seems to be more mental than physical. I have never seen a QB go from a bonafide stud to an incompetent buffoon in one season. Yes.. bad O line, limited O weapons, etc.. but as a veteran leader and one who has shown ability to perform at a high level in the past.. he broke down completely mentally, and instead of lifting his team, he lowered the perf of everyone else on the O. not sure its something he can come back from.
  3. crackills

    Bust of the Year

    umm.. if you thought Ertz was anything but an over the hill player with shrinking game time going in to the season .. thats on you. Writing was on the wall last year.. with Goddert taking over most TE snaps and being much more effective.
  4. crackills

    Washington says bye-bye to Dwayne Haskins

    4.3mil can buy a lot of strippers... but realistically he will get a shot with another team... potential and talent might be there, what he lacks is maturity and work ethic .. maybe in a couple of years he matures and gets his sh*t together.
  5. crackills

    Herbert still a must start?

    Good call.. started Herbert and happy I did... although i think Goff will be fine also.
  6. crackills

    Herbert still a must start?

    Yeah... i think you're right.. i am going to roll with herbert here and hope for the best. Mcvay will take the ball out of Goffs hand and just run all day
  7. crackills

    Herbert still a must start?

    with all the injuries to Chargers WRs... and Herbert struggling a bit of late.. is he still a must start this week? With Williams out ... i am thinking Goff might be the better play
  8. crackills

    Lockett, Hyde expected to play for Seattle

    I have a good mind to play Hyde over Conner this week.
  9. crackills

    Week 10 Scoop and Play WR

    A. Jeffreys is back and healthy(for now) worth a shot
  10. crackills

    James Robinson - sell high?

    I traded him or Julio Jones last week.. i needed a true #1 wr and hoping Jones can stay healthy
  11. crackills

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    min 2-3 game suspension genius
  12. crackills

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    well.. as long Allen is the QB (which looks like he is) He'll be fine. If one legged checkdown Alex comes in... the whole O will be atrocious. Gordon is looking at 4 game min suspension, even if cleared.
  13. crackills

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    I dont regret it
  14. crackills

    UPDATE: Jets Release Le'Veon Bell

    thats the question... my rb depth is non existent all of a sudden. Hopefully somewhere with a decent O
  15. crackills

    Leveon Bell

    he is my flx option over Trequan Smith or Beasley