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  1. crackills

    Lets talk TEs

    I've been rolling with Everett. he's been solid overall with a few clunkers. Doyle and Eifert are decent options as well. TEs have been mostly underperforming this year so its very much a crapshoot.
  2. crackills

    Emmanuel Sanders looking like a WR1

    he is definitely a wr1 ... as long as SF plays AZ every week.
  3. crackills

    Kittle for Gurley?

    i would take Gurley for Kittle all day.. unless you're super deep at RB
  4. crackills

    Barkley vs Kamara?

    obviously both have significantly underperformed for their draft grade.... who is the RB to own going forward? Does Kamara turn it back on when Brees gets back? Does Barkley turn it back on when he is back from inj with Giants playing from behind a lot?
  5. crackills

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    Winston is not the answer.. that's obvious. Whats more interesting it that Evans kind of sucks now.. he is making rookie mistakes.
  6. crackills

    Cooper Kupp

    i drafted him in every league.. i foresaw a comeback but so far he exceeded my expectations.. super stoked.
  7. crackills

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    honestly.. i am hesitant to to trade him now. 1. he is getting 14-16 touches a game (except for one outlier game) This was the expectation going in to the season 2. he has scored 4 times in the last 2 weeks - he is getting more goal line touches instead of Brown 3. he seems to be game script proof due to TDs 4. the only trade i would consider is a high end WR or RB.
  8. crackills

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    As a Gurley owner i worry every night
  9. crackills

    Lets talk TEs

    i am in the same boat.. and have been struggling to find a replacement ever since. Witten is just not doing it for me. I think short term Doyle will produce week 5. watson is interesting.. but the guy hasnt even practiced with the team in 4 weeks. not sure what to expect.
  10. crackills

    Lets talk TEs

    no.. i am not talking about Gal Gadot let review FA options available in most leagues and who it worth a pick up: 1. Ben Watson (pats) - back from 4 game suspension. NE could definitely use a TE.. question is will they use him more for blocking with O line injuries? 2. D.Knox (buf) - had decent production the last 2 weeks, very athletic.. but can he be trusted with Buf O, low floor? 3. J.Doyle (ind) - they play the chiefs next so he is worth an add at least for a week 4.G Everette? (LAR) - had a big week but can he be trusted.. non of the Rams Tes really stand out. 5. Oshehenesifrack (jax) scored TDs.. dont know much else about him 6. Eifert (Cin) - play AZ next.. but Mondays O performance was scary bad 7. Hendon (nyj) Wk6 - looked decent last year.. might be a grab and hold
  11. crackills

    Who are your buy low guys after 3 weeks?

    Boom.. you're welcome.
  12. crackills

    Who are your buy low guys after 3 weeks?

    You can get Rogers for peanuts.. i think that GB O will change in the 2nd half of the season and they'll start airing it out . Rogers and Adams have too big of egos to have such weak stat sheets
  13. crackills

    Aaron Rogers.. is he still a viable starter?

    my thinking is that GB D is not as good as it seems.. and at some point in the near future Rogers will have to air it out
  14. The first 3 weeks have been rather forgettable from ffball perspective for him. GB has been surprisingly good at running the ball and are playing good D.. therefore there hasnt been much need to rely on Rogers. Is this something that will change in the near future or is this GB going forward? Should Rogers be a bu low trade target since he has underperformed so far?
  15. crackills

    Cam Newton

    i dropped him after wk2.. if you still have him on your roster, you are waisting valuable roster space