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  1. Fubars

    So will the draft start July 5th?

    Just wondering...
  2. Fubars

    Waiting this thing out....

    Yup, lets pick a draft date and hope for the best.
  3. Hope this isn't right.
  4. Fubars

    Draft Order

    Looks good from here. Thanks Adam!
  5. Fubars

    Draft Order

    Thanks Shug for weeding that out. I was going to do that when we got closer to the draft. There could be more trades going on, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  6. Fubars

    Draft Order

    1. Grinders 4-9 2. Singman 5-8 (1174 Total Points) 3. Whizzinators 5-8 (1282 Total Points) 4. Shox 5-8 (1401 Total Points) 5. Wrath of JWood 6-7 (1352 Total Points) 6. Sparkky's Sorry Squad 6-7 (1399 Total Points) 7. Urine Trouble 7-6 (1st round Playoff loss) 8. Scooby 8-5 (1st round Playoff loss) 9. Ma the Meatloaf 6-7 (Semi-Finals loss) 10. Return of the Trojan 8-5 (Semi-Finals loss) 11. Horsemen 8-5 (Finals loss) 12. Shugar's Squad 10-3 (Champions) Let me know if you see any discrepancies.
  7. Fubars

    Congrats To Shugar

    No excuses here. Your team had the best record in the regular season with the most points scored. Healthy team or not, your team is a monster. I hope to get some trading in too, but I'm not too much of a trader.
  8. Fubars

    Congrats To Shugar

    Great job Shug! Couldn't stick with you. Wish I could of put up a better fight. Great year everyone.
  9. Fubars

    Before time slips away

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone in this league!
  10. Fubars

    Good Game Adam.

    Your team just didn't show up this week. Good year for you either way. I'll be making some offers for Manning once the season is over. Since I have no significant draft picks, my off-season will be more about trading than drafting.
  11. Fubars

    What a disappointing season

    Rice had his game a week too late for you Scoob. Good season though. After week 4, you went on a tear. If you don't want him, I'll take Rice off your hands.
  12. Fubars

    Congrats to all who made the playoffs

    Wouldn't it be the two division wild cards vs. each other while the division winners get a 1st round bye? That would mean: Return of the Trojans vs. Scooby and Ma the Meatloaf vs. Urine Trouble While Horsemen and Shugar's Squad get a bye. (I could be wrong though)
  13. Maybe finally this can be my year. I've been in this position before and choked big time. Good luck to all. Chad Horsemen
  14. Fubars

    2010 Trades

    JWood gets: Anquan Boldin Horsemen gets: Jermichael Finley
  15. Fubars

    2010 Trades

    Horsemen gets: Visanthe Shiancoe TE, MIN Mario Manningham WR, NYG Grinders gets: Joey Galloway WR, WAS Laurence Maroney RB, NWE