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  1. SMath3333

    Steelers at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Poo Poo Smith Poopster is killing me
  2. SMath3333

    Aaron Jones or Allen Robinson

    I agree with Jones and Samuels
  3. Like the floor of the 5-7 catches I expect from Samuels, but Seattle is more committed to the run than Pittsburgh.
  4. Jackson and Adams
  5. Who do I bench?
  6. SMath3333

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    So, is it absolutely 100% safe to drop Bell, or is there some little known loophole that could possibly get him on the field this year?
  7. SMath3333

    anyone have bell news?

    Bell who? Long live Jimmy Conner !
  8. SMath3333

    Bell holdout still

    Bell is a selfish moron.
  9. SMath3333

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    With #1 pick in PPR, was planning on taking LeVeon Bell for weeks. Draft is tomorrow,... and that knucklehead is still not at camp. cluck, cluck, cluck,... I’m a big chicken. Hello, Mr. Gurley!
  10. SMath3333

    Early Selection — Dilemma at the 2/3 Turn

    Assume the following; PPR, 16 Rounds QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex RB/WR, K, DEF 1 point per 10 yards Rushing and/or Receiving, All TDS = 6 pts
  11. Youve got one of the Top 2 or 3 picks, and are feeling pretty good about snapping up Gurley or Bell. And if you prefer Zeke or David Johnson, thats fine too. But what to do at the 2/3 turn? Gronk may be there and thats not a bad option. At RB, you may be looking at Mixon (bad OL), McKinnon (nicked up and unproven) McCoy (shady off field issues) or possibly Howard (cant catch, two down back). You may want to reach for the potential of Collins, Henry or even Royce Freeman. Or even hold your nose and pick Drake or Ajayi. You may have one of the top 9 WRs fall to you (AJ Green?) but more likely youre choosing between Evans, Diggs, Thielen, TY Hilton or Fitz. I strongly believe that you need to select at least one RB at the 2/3 turn. Otherwise you are clinging to the hope that dudes like Kerryon Johnson or Lynch make it to you at the 4/5 turn, and both of those guys come with significant risk. It also locks you in to starting a WR in your flex position and up the creek when your RBs are on bye,.... unless you get lucky on the waiver wire or with a late round lottery RB. Any thoughts ?
  12. SMath3333

    Ray Lewis HOF speech. What a piece of work he is.

    He gets an A+ on perspiration
  13. I have seen the experts split on Bell vs. Gurley in PPR leagues. Clearly they are both studs and perhaps you cant go wrong selecting either one. But, here are ten reasons for selecting each. Im interested in other opinions. Reasons for Selecting Bell over Gurley 1. Gurleys 2017 season was kinda flukey. Several long runs and receptions, some for TDs that are not likely to be replicated in 2018. Due for huge regression to the mean. 2. Bell will likely see more carries than Gurley and will likely outgain him in rushing yardage. 3. Bell will likely see more targets than Gurley and will likely have more receptions and receiving yards. 4. Bell has shown more consistency over the years, when hes not injured or in trouble. We saw Gurley suck in 2016, albeit under Jeff Fisher. Weve never seen Bell suck. 5. Bell is likely to be franchise tagged and will be motivated to play for his next contract. 6. Steelers may run Bell into the ground if they believe that they will let him go as a free agent next season. Lots of wear and tear, but lots of yardage. 7. Steelers offensive line > Rams OL 8. Steelers QB and WRs > Rams QB and WRs (= defenses cant stack the box vs the run) 9. Atlanta shut down Gurley in the playoffs. Will teams watch tape and scheme against Gurley in 18? 10. Rams signed Brandin Cooks in the offseason. He may be used more frequently around the goal line. Reasons for selecting Gurley over Bell 1. Bell is a knucklehead. We dont know when/if he will sign. We dont know if he will get into off the field trouble (e.g. drugs, drunk driving, smacking his b!tch around, etc). 2. Bell is more injury prone. 3. Bell may show up to camp in less-than-peak condition and get off to a slow start ala 2017. 4. Gurley is younger. (Bell has more mileage) 5. Gurley is more likely to have more TD opportunities, as Steelers pass more often around the goal line. 6. Steelers will have a new offensive coordinator (= question mark about Bells usage in 18) 7. Sean McVay seems pretty committed to giving Gurley lots of opportunities. 8. Gurley was the #1 scoring RB in 2017 by a wide margin. Is therefore the safer bet? 9. Gurleys bye week is Week 12. Pretty late in the season. This allows you more time to work the waiver wire in preparation for his bye week. 10. Gurleys Yards per Carry and Yards per Reception were significantly better than Bell in 2017. I will wait and see how the preseason plays out before making a decision but its a toss-up to me right now. Any opinions either way?
  14. SMath3333

    2018 Fantasy Mock Draft

    2.12 AJ Green
  15. SMath3333

    2018 Fantasy Mock Draft

    2.09 McCaffrey