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  1. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Yes...you and HT...who know absolutely nothing about me are unfocking real. How anyone supports the BS you two and Rock have spewed is utterly ridiculous.
  2. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    What lawsuit nonsense of mine? I have not advocated for any lawsuits.
  3. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Both of you have no clue and are assuming its a false allegation...because you want to believe that politically. I want it investigated. For that I am scum...but people calling me a rapist...a pedophile...a piece of ######...a terrible american...and wishing ill upon others I know...thats normal? Your mindset and that of HT who still tries to get my attention constantly...your mindset is more dangers than anything I have ever said and done. You are showing your true colors. And its all pathetic. Fock both of you.
  4. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    I don't find his reactions to questions by the senators to be reasonable. The avoiding answering questions about Judge and and FBI investigation. If Im 100% innocent...I welcome the one thing that can really clear me (a confirmation does not do that)...an actual investigation does. And please don't tell me he has been 6 times...anyone claiming those background checks are the same thing is a focking idiot. Anita Hill investigation took 3 days...3. How could that not have been done already? You know why it was done? Because Bush called for it. Sitting on it for months was a huge mistake by them. IMO...they could have actually kept him off the bench by doing so. It won't happen now. The yearbook thing and drinking is not a joke. It is showing the credibility of the man. Do you really believe his yearbook excuse? That they were a tribute to that person as a friend? Have you read what was written about her? The drinking is the same...simple things he was seemingly not honest about at all. It wasn't about shaming him for drinking...it was about showing he was not being honest.
  5. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    The threshold for this isn't the same as a criminal trial...not sure how many times that has to be mentioned...but apparently for current right wingers...a ton of times.
  6. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    False. Its a short term thing for any dems. How long are congressional terms? Now how long are SC Justice appointments? And other judges Trump has been packing the courts with (after the GOP monumentally obstructed Obama's appointments to the bench). That all has been huge wins for the GOP long term.
  7. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    She is still super hot.
  8. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    You hope that because your partisan head said she is lying. Try thinking straight for a minute...she won't get sued...because they would have to prove she is lying...which would mean actual investigation...Judge being subpoenaed to testify (and one of the worst things of this show today...is one of the main witnesses not being compelled to testify...there is a reason Kavanaugh didn't want that).
  9. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Just now listening to his testimony. You all will roll your eyes...but I believe he lied several times. Sorry. The talk of drinking...going after senators with the "have you?" stuff (which he later apologized for). He came off as angry and unhinged. His dancing around if he welcomed an FBI investigation and if he would welcome testimony by Judge was not all that honest. His original statement that was posted ahead of time was well done...he went away from that and came out different. Including what is not very believable about the yearbook stuff or his drinking. In addition the stuff about drinking only on weekends is in direct contradiction with Judge's book...and seemingly odd for a guy who talked about liking beer so much. He had moments of a sympathetic figure as well..but don't think he did well under questioning...and if this is someone's first view of him, he did not come off as someone fit for a Supreme Court Justice. Demeanor, temper, and basically admitted partisanship. Im going to guess before I read the rest of this thread...that every Trump loving conservative on this board loved it. And that Trump loved the defiance as well. This man should not be a Supreme Court Justice with that demeanor...his legal work certainly qualifies him...I don't believe the way he handled today does. I think there are much better alternatives as Conservative judges go. I think there is a reason conservatives warned Trump not to go with him. I feel bad for his family going through this whether he did it or not. I don't think he came off as believable or credible as Ford did.
  10. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    The Calendars thus far have been pretty weak...he has calendars from 17...and they show that he partied...none of which disproves anything that has been said about him.;
  11. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Neither have you bro...you only claimed yous aw it on twitter. It is a fact...you have been proven by multiple people on this board to have been a liar. I have not once been proven a liar...you are making a false claim when stating that. Take a shot of who these people are...given what we have seen of who you follow around on social media in the past and things you have said...Im doubting many are actual democrats. As I said before Kavanaugh (and I have been away and not yet able to listen to his part) Id bet the majority opinion was that she was credible. Ive seen people (and Im not searching from hours ago from other places right now) that have been Trump guys and still are that said she sounded credible. That is my assertion. I didn't say a word about "believing" him. Nothing has proven the woman lied...that again is a false assertion by me. And if I look worse to this board...that makes me feel much better about myself...because much of this board has become a sorry excuse for men...and people as a whole. Utterly pathetic.
  12. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Ive stated he will likely get in. Ive taken a long look at myself...feel just fine defending what I have. You...not sure where you get off being all high and mighty and saying the things you have about me...but thats on you for being pathetic along with Rock and now the Alias Detective...utterly pathetic accusations and people. Par for the course from you all though. No melt down at all...just responding to the BS.
  13. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    1. No...it makes you both focking assclowns devoid of any decency...as are the rest who cheer on your utter bullshit. 2. You again still don't know the definition of evidence.
  14. Sho Nuff

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    They have stated they can't recall. Rock is again playing hard and loose with the facts. Anyone who takes his posts as true should seek a lobotomy.