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  1. Spec7ral

    UPDATED: Doug Orth's Big Boards - Top 200

    Jameis Winston is as close to eating an L and getting lol'ed out of the league as he is to winning you a fantasy championship. Because he is a Turd in an RL draft means he could turn into a pumpkin in fantasy. Meanwhile, Matt Stafford has thrown for over 4k yards most years, is still in primo years, has two of the most exciting young weapons in football and a healthy Marvin Jones this year. He has zero chance of loling out of league, they will probably not be out to any big leads and Kerryon can't make that offensive a top 5 rushing O. Adrian's is also smart enough to know he doesn't need to latch his new coaching gig to a sinking QB. Drafting a new one next year after cutting bait would buy him a couple more years. *Disclaimer: I recently traded Winston for Stafford and a 2nd rounder because I value security over hype.
  2. Spec7ral

    Who are the sleepers this year?

    Pointing out you don't understand a word you used isn't sidetracking it's sort of an important part of the diatribe.
  3. Spec7ral

    Damien Williams real deal or fool's gold

    Zac Stacey was a fat slob.
  4. Spec7ral

    Who are the sleepers this year?

    Maurice Harris Cam sims Miles Boykin Josh Oliver Auden Tate Jakeem Grant Devine Ozigbo Tyler Kroft Deon Cain
  5. Spec7ral

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    Deon Cain is the guy to own for the 2WR in Indy IMO.
  6. Spec7ral

    2018 rookie Wr dynasty rankings

    Kirk and pettis should be up there.
  7. Spec7ral

    Latavious Bust of the Year

    The vikings o line has regressed to a flocking tire fire is the answer to all these questions. Reiff was horrendous on Sunday and the rams are going to use that tape to destroy cousins on Thursday. I would stay far away from cousins next week until o line figures it's out.
  8. If you're not paying attention to bye weeks and strength of schedule... Wait are you butt hurt because this happened to you?
  9. Spec7ral

    Analyzing Next Gen Stats for RBs

    Fantastic stuff as always from the guru.
  10. Spec7ral

    Ekeler a weekly flex starter?

    So, if they play the rams this weekend, who have great interior DL, and great corners, doesn't it bode well for Ekeler to be schemed into more of gameplay? Not sure who the LB corps is for rams but that's their thinnist part of their d I am guessing? Could be a sneaky start week.
  11. Spec7ral

    DeSean Jackson how long can he keep it up

    I don't think I'd be chasing that dream.
  12. Spec7ral

    Ekeler a weekly flex starter?

    Agree. Also Evident That rivers trusts him and likes getting him involved often. That first game both Williams each dropped an important pass and I think he went to Ekeler right after both drops. I've seen different threads calling for all three NE RBs to be of starting value, I trust Ekeler way more in flex than I would any of those guys. I think the Kamara/Ingram is a good comparison, Ekeler won't breaking into the top 5 by any means, but top 30 should be easy and I think he'll be involved enough to be hitting lineups and as more than just bye week fill in.
  13. Spec7ral

    Is this trade collusion?

    You nailed Phil Simms to a tee on this post. Well done.
  14. Spec7ral

    Ekeler a weekly flex starter?

    He's a flex play in ppr for sure. His targets say he's the new woodhead. My team is too deep to plug him in but most years I'd be using him moving forward.