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  1. Apollo Creed

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    I think I have all 3 of the Top Busts of 2022: russell wilson, ekler and fourtnette
  2. Apollo Creed

    Austin Ekler is a bust

    I got him at #4; shouldve went Dalvin Cook; its gonna be a long year with him hopefully I have enough on my bench to sit him in bad matchups
  3. Apollo Creed

    TE Help Please: Albert O or Kmet

    Wilson returns to Seattle MNF or Chicago will be losing to SF so they’ll have to throw alot? what do you think? Thanks
  4. Apollo Creed

    Quarterback Rankings

    Russell Wilson is gonna have a monster year; i have bought into it
  5. went with c.kmet and Albert O LATE AS i COULD
  6. Apollo Creed

    Brian Robinson Jr.: My RB just got shot

    What round should we take the carjacker?
  7. Apollo Creed

    The Eagles Offense in Philly

    Goedert is going to have a big year; Top 5
  8. Apollo Creed

    The Eagles Offense in Philly

    Looks like Gainwell is going to have a big role in this offense; buyers beware on Miles Sanders or expect a 50/50 split atleast
  9. Try not blowing it this year … let the draft come to you and be prepared for once in your worthless little life. you want to win? Right? Well, have a plan and stick to it.
  10. Apollo Creed

    The Eagles Offense in Philly

    In a profession where ego can derail careers, Sirianni selflessly handed off play calling during the 2021 season to his offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. Earlier this spring, Steichen confirmed he'll be calling the offensive plays again in 2022.Jun 12, 2022
  11. Apollo Creed

    The Eagles Offense in Philly

    Nick Sirianni is a huge wuestion mark in Philadelphia. I live here; the Eagles are my team but Nick Wasnt calling the plays in the second half of the season; he gave them up bc his offense sucked in the first half; they just pounded the out of the football and did what everyone already knew would work. His offense to start the season was very bad.
  12. Apollo Creed

    How Did You Win

    What pick did you have in the draft? 10 of 12 Your first (2) players taken were? Najee Harris/Austin Ekler Your biggest surprise player? Damien Harris. Your Biggest Bust was? Gus Edwards. What was your team built around? Running back. Your record was? 14-2
  13. Apollo Creed

    Who was this years "it" guy?

    Damien Harris
  14. Apollo Creed

    Flex: Damien Harris, JuJu, or Rondale Moore

    No sorry standard scoring
  15. Apollo Creed

    Gronk for M. Sanders? Whir

    The old two for 1. Its a fair trade. Gronk is looking pretty good so far