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Found 2 results

  1. *If the NFL season is cancelled after paying league fees, owners may choose to carry the funds over to next season or have the fees returned to their LeagueSafe/Fanball account. League overview: The Iron Throne Dynasty League is a 12-team empire league, with 20% of the league fees going into a progressive pot managed through LeagueSafe every year. The first owner that wins back-to-back titles will be awarded the Iron Throne and the entire progressive pot. Once the pot has been claimed, the league will be reset with all players returning to the player pool for the next inaugural auction the following season. About the commissioner: I have been managing fantasy football leagues since first discovering my obsession in August 1989. Currently I serve as commissioner for a variety of leagues including traditional draft, auction, dynasty, IDP, super flex guillotine and now an empire league. Hosted on MFL with custom graphics https://www65.myfant...20/home/62946#0 Slow auction with 24-hour high bidder timer $200 salary cap 20-man rosters with 5 IR spots 1 QB (quarterback) 2 RB (running backs) 2 WR (wide receivers) 1 TE (tight end) 1 flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 super-flex (QB/RB/WR/TE) No kickers! No defensive teams/players! Full rules and scoring can be reviewed on league site. League prize money will be distributed through LeagueSafe upon completion of the championship game and approval by majority vote. The prize money will be awarded in the following manner: Champion receives $400 + 50% of all transaction fees collected Runner-Up received $250 + 25% of all transaction fees collected Consolation receives $150 + 15% of all transaction fees collected League Scoring Champion receives $100 + 10% of all transaction fees collected In addition to the annual winnings, if a Champion claims the Iron Throne by winning the second championship in consecutive seasons, they will also be awarded the progressive pot. Their total winnings are detailed below. Value of Iron Throne if won in year 2 - $880 plus 50% of transaction fees Value of Iron Throne if won in year 3 - $1120 plus 50% of transaction fees Value of Iron Throne if won in year 4 - $1360 plus 50% of transaction fees And so, it continues every year, adding $240 until someone wins it all…. Please reply with any questions and I will answer as quickly as I can.
  2. 10 team league through ESPN Custom scoring [40+ yd TD pass +1, 50+ yd TD pass +2, 2pt passing conversion +2] I believe all other scoring is standard link to setting will be below $40 Dues / Buy-in 100% Payout Leaguesafe Used Drafting Sept 5th 8:30 PM PST Settings games.espn.go.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1576266 Draft order decideded randomly one hour prior to draft 4 teams make the playoffs 2 rounds Payout is as follows 1st $225 2nd $100 3rd $50 Most reg season points $25 This will be our leagues second year we had a lot of fun and many high scoring games with this 2 QB no Kicker format last year and I hope it will be something be keep coming back and playing. We are all active, like to make trades, and a far amount of good natured trash talk for the most part, We have had a couple of spots open up due to inactive owners if this sounds like the league for you shoot me a message or send me an email. To join the league I require only two things; 1 that you be an active owner for the entire season. 2 you are ready and able to make a prompt leaguesafe payment, this league has and will always use leaguesafe since we have members spread across the globe. Be sure to check the settings page the link is above ^ and feel free to message or email me with any question or requests to join. sprolesroyc3@gmail.com **please reference 2 QB in email or message