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Found 11 results

  1. When I started playing fantasy football back in 2004 I won my league and quickly became addicted to it. However, after about 3 years of playing in standard leagues I quickly became bored with the setup. I also didn’t like the degree of blind luck that exists in those standard structures. I do realize there will be a degree of blind luck at times in anything we do in life, let alone fantasy football. So in 2007 I began to build new league formulas to help minimize the blind luck and maximize the skill of decision-making. Our scoring model and roster model are key in that we have much more flexibility plus a deeper pool of players to utilize. We also added in the use of IDP to the roster model back in 2010. I am sure we have all been in the unfortunate position of losing one of our key guys in those standard leagues in the first quarter, then being irritated for losing by a couple of points. The reality is we are here to have fun and maybe win a few bucks, but who needs that aggravation? The fact is the weighting on the higher end players in those models is too great. With a Major League Fantasy Football league you will have the volume to counter balance the loss of a key player. Basically, we have taken much of the sting out of it. The roster consists of 9 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters, and 1 kicker. The offensive positions consist of: QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RW, RW, WT, RWT. About 3 years ago we ditched the 2 RB set up because of the way the game is played today. Not many teams have a featured back anymore so this allows the owner to focus on depth at other positions while not forcing that same owner to start 2 RBs. You can start up to 4 if you so choose, but we think this is a much better set up for the owners. This also minimizes the need to reach early in your drafts for those backs in a time share. The value of the very few feature backs is still there, but we don’t believe you should be forced to start a back that may only see 12 touches in bad match up. We want you to have that decision in your hands and not in the hands of some mundane traditional model. The defensive positions consist of: DE, DE, DT, LB, LB, LB, CB, CB, S, S, ID. When you play in IDP leagues you generally hear people ask if the league is tackle driven or big play. The model I developed over the last 8 years is a blend of the two. I do think that players that rack up a lot of tackles for their NFL club are valuable, but so are the guys that play on the outside. The corner position is usually the position that is not weighted properly in most IDP set ups. In our leagues, all of the positions will carry a more balanced weighting and can have huge games for you if played under the right circumstances. The strategy that can be used on this side of the ball is what I love the most about our leagues. The most valuable part of majorleaguefantasysports.com is our community of writers, radio hosts, arbitration committee members, and our league owners. We are pretty selective on who we invite into our community. Which is how we have built such a tight group of people who are successful in their personal life, but like to be involved in something more professional and realistic. We will have a staff of 5 football writers for 2018, and two radio shows. The first show will start the first Thursday in June hosted by Mike Riggall, John Gozzi, and James Wilk. Our football articles for 2018 will begin in May. These are all keeper leagues except for our MLFFC which is a complete redraft every year. In the keeper leagues you can keep up to 3 offensive players, and 2 defensive players if you choose to. However, it is not required. I will list links below to the leagues with openings. MLFF2 MLFF3 MLFF4 MLFFC If you are interested in learning more email me at majorleaguefantasysports@gmail.com and we will get a chat going. Cheers
  2. For many years now at Major League Fantasy Sports we have worked to provide the most innovative and fair fantasy football models available. Over ten years of trying different scoring formulas, roster formulas, league depth, payout structures, trading rules, and hosts we have what we set out to create to begin with. What is one of the biggest complaints about standard league formulas? The blind luck of the injury bug killing you and the schedule. Whether it’s losing your guy for the year, for 4 weeks, or losing two players you own just for that week who are injured in the first quarter. Frustrating! There are ways to mitigate the impact of losing two variables from your fantasy football equation. Lengthen the equation is one for sure, but also what about alllll those other really good football players who get no play in most leagues? The problem with these standard roster formulas is they lack depth, flexibility, and they are wayyyyy too top-heavy. Those are your major issues. (I will touch on the scheduling issue a little later) Over the years we have developed a way to incorporate the 3 key sides of football in your fantasy leagues in a legit fashion. The first key is obviously offense, the second is defense, and the third special teams. We incorporate an 11 man IDP starting roster that is an absolute blast to play with. Now the IDP nay-sayers have never experienced a system set up like ours. The traditional IDP set-up is archaic and poorly thought out. They are “tackle heavy” systems. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Any fool would just draft the defenders from crappy teams because they will be on the field most of the game. Pretty basic strategy and not a very intelligent way to play. Then there are “big play” type systems. These are a little better than the traditional tackle heavy leagues, but are still lacking. We have developed our own system that adds in both concepts plus a number of unique approaches I had Fantrax create for us years ago. These are just some of the additions we have made to cover for the frustrations we have all felt in traditional fantasy football leagues. Bottom line is this: I have been playing for 14 years now and I will never go back to play in a standard league ever again. The special teams side of the ball adds even more excitement and allows you to use those key IDP players who also return punts/kicks as a bonus. However, they are few and far between these days. Obviously this side of the game gets zero love unless you score. No one can argue that Tyreek Hill was not the most dynamic player in the NFL last year. 61 catches for 593 yards 6 TDs, 267 yards rushing 3 TDs, 384 kick return yards 1 TD, and 592 punt return yards 2 TDs. That is 1,836 total yards plus 12 TDs. He finished as the number 7 receiver overall in our leagues. NFL coaches absolutely love these types of guys and you will love owning them here. Now think about the discount paid to your score in a standard league with this guy. You got none of those return yards. Now we don’t score both punt and kick return yards the same. Punt return yards are scored like rushing or receiving yards. After all they are the hardest yards to get in the NFL. Tyreek led the NFL with 592. Second was Tavon Austin with 364. The kick return yards are scored on a sliding scale based on an initial total and then after that, score goes up. This is based on the average amount of “dead” yardage in returns and then weighed against the average amount of kick return yards the league averages per game. So it’s a sound approach and not out of control. However, if your boy gets a 110 yard KRTD trust me you will be digging it. I think even more important than anything is the community we have created over the years. We host our own live radio shows every Sunday morning, we have a 15 man writing and editing staff as well. We had Davin Joseph the 2-time Pro-Bowl guard from Tampa on our shows the whole 2015 season. That should give you an idea of the quality we are bringing to the table. Our community members are built up of football/baseball/lacrosse/golf/basketball coaches, former players, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Teachers, Professors, radio personalities, and all the way to recent college graduates. We are a fun group and we value our community as much as anything else. The league openings we have are $200 to buy in and 100% payout. We have 2 openings in MLFF1 and 2 openings in MLFF3. The only difference in format between the two leagues is the scheduling concept. League one is a traditional H2H schedule while league three you play each team each week. The concept of the league three schedule is something implemented 4 years ago in two of our leagues. It completely removes the luck of the schedule and completely eliminates dead beat owners that may quit on their teams the last 2 weeks of the year. In our concept if someone does quit then everyone will get a win and not just the lucky guy who gets to play them that week. In league three we also have 14 weeks of regular season and two weeks of playoffs. Seven teams make the playoffs with the #1 seed getting a bye. Week 15 the six remaining teams face off with the top three scoring teams moving on to week 16 the championship round. Week 16 we call our final four. The top 3 scoring teams in week 16 will take payouts and the team in 4th does not. Pretty fun concept, but not for everyone which is why we have traditional scheduling in other leagues. Another potential spot we are looking to fill for this year is in our writing staff. We are looking to bring on one maybe two football writers for this season. The most important skill needed from the writers is a deep knowledge of football and fantasy football. Writing skills are important as well, but we have a good group of editors that can help you if you need a little guidance. If you are interested in exploring a league, a writing opportunity, or both my email address is majorleaguefantasysports@gmail.com and phone number is 317.603.9434. My name is Corey D Roberts. We will surely fill these openings fast with the time of year that is approaching. So if you’re interested contact us right away. Cheers
  3. We are just days away from Super Bowl LI (51), but already we are looking for 4 or 5 new owners to play in our leagues for the coming 2017 season. We are a combination IDP/Keeper league system so we will get started in 2017 a little earlier than most. The key with our community is finding good over all people to join the group. People who are excited about good competition, innovative league design, and an all around experience. The trouble with 80 to 90 percent of the leagues out there is they lack any real activity and they are beholden on luck driven results primarily. One or two injuries in those leagues sink you. As a result, most serious players choose to join 9 or 10 leagues to make sure they can dodge the luck bullet. Lucky for us we have been designing models and keeping ahead of the proverbial fantasy curve for many years. We feel we have cured those issues to the point of mere insignificance. What makes us unique is our combination of our custom designed fantasy leagues, private DFS contests, radio shows, writing content, unique league formulas, and scheduling formats. Our single entry private DFS contests every Sunday are designed for only our people. Meaning you must be an owner in MLFS leagues–Real Deal Dynasty Leagues— a writer, an editor, or a radio guest to get an invite. The key to our DFS contests is that we know everyone who will play, and that they will only play a “single” entry. Usually $10 or $20 a week and it’s totally voluntary. The pay scale in the DFS contests is normally 15-20% paid out depending on how many people play. Major League Fantasy Sports has a staff of six football writers and we run our own live public call-in radio shows every Sunday morning from 11-12:45pm EST. We will provide in-depth offensive and IDP rankings during training camp, along with team by team break-downs to help you prepare to draft. During the season our writing staff will break down waiver wire claims as well as spot starts for QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, DSTs, and IDPs. Our radio show will break down traditional football info, handicapping with EJ Garr of getmoresports.com, low-cost DFS plays, and weekly season-long spot starts on offense and defense. Every person that joins our community is vetted to ascertain the plausibility of joining our great community. Basically, we want to know if you are a good fit for us and vice versa. You can always call me directly. My personal information will be listed below the contact form. Finally, if you are an aspiring writer and are looking for an opportunity to write about what you love, we are looking for two more writers to join our staff in 2017. If interested, please leave your information on the form below. COREY D ROBERTS MAJOR LEAGUE FANTASY SPORTS OWNER 317.603.9434 Mobile majorleaguefantasysports@gmail.com
  4. Fantasy Football - 12 Team Keeper League in its 6th year looking for 3 new owners for the 2016 Season. We play using CBS Commissioner, and each team keeps 1QB, 1RB, & 1WR or TE each year. Entry fee is $25.00 but all money is used for league expenses (CBSsportsline.com), and the prizes, which includes a large perpetual championship trophy that is passed from champion to champion each year, and a $100.00 cash prize. Looking for long term owners in the San Antonio, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Bulverde, Blanco, San Marcos. or Austin areas - Message me for more info
  5. We have some openings in our leagues for 2016, they can be reviewed clicking the Open Teams tab on our home page: http://www.fantasybasketballfederation.com/footballdynastyleague/open_teams.htm Our league standard is 20 teams using a Salary Cap and player salaries, all are Keeper leagues, IDP (Individual Defensive Players), 13 week Head to Head regular season, 4 week playoffs. Our 2016 Rookie Drafts start June 27th Membership is $15 annually for an initial team, additional leagues (including any Fantasy Basketball leagues) are $5. If you are interested or have any questions please email me at FBF_Commish@hotmail.com or FBF_Commish@fantasybasketballfederation.com. Thanks ! David Smith
  6. I'm starting a free Dynasty/Keeper League on NFL.com if interested leave email below or email me snownerdy@icloud.com Live draft scheduled for Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014 at 9:30pm EDT Link to league fantasyconqueror.league.fantasy.nfl.com Want in now? Password: BobSaget Will change any rules/settings if voted by majority. Inactive mangers won't be invited back. 6 spots remaining
  7. For those of you fantasy football fanatics looking for a real challenge that includes the feel of daily fantasy with a season long approach, Major League Fantasy Football is a good fit for you. We have a uniquely designed roster formula that includes an 11 man IDP squad. This is broken down as 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, and 1 flex. The league is designed to look and feel more like an NFL roster. Prognosticating your match ups is key, along with having good drafting skills. What is missing in most football leagues is sufficient depth, so what you end up with is a top-heavy system that puts WAYYYY too much emphasis on the top players. In our leagues, however, if you lose your top player you are by no means out of it for the year. The last time I checked football is a team sport. You'll have massive flexibility in that if you want to build a strong defense and an average offense you will have the option to do so in our leagues. I do not think anyone would argue that the best defense in the NFL pounded the best offense in the Super Bowl. I would have to admit my favorite part of our leagues is the defense. It adds a whole new level of fun and excitement. Imagine you are playing your opponent for that week and your match up is within a few points going into Monday. Now lets say you are up a few points and your opponent has the starting QB from team A and you have the starting CB and DT from the opposing team. The real NFL game is close and your match up is still tight and then the QB throws a pick 6 or your DT gets a strip sack, forced fumble returned for a TD guaranteeing you the win. I won a championship in MLFF2 in 2012 in a scenario similar to this. It was sick! These are 12 teams, 3 keepers, 7 playoff teams, 29 man roster money leagues, with our own unique scoring formula that I have designed over the last 8 years. The big key is scoring your defensive players in a way that all positions have an impact as they would in the game. It is not a tackle driven system. While tackles do score you points, the emphasis is on impact plays that have a major effect in the NFL contests. Offensively speaking, most fantasy leagues are so poorly calculated that it rewards too much for counting stats, but almost nothing for turnovers! HUH? I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the last time I checked turnovers KILL you in the game. Why in the world would a turnover only cost you 1 or 2 points and a TD nets you 4 or 6 (most standard formats score it this way)? Our system is tried, tested, and logical. I have an absolute blast playing in these leagues myself and they are designed to be excruciatingly competitive with no scoring model loopholes. We are a growing fantasy community that provides free in-depth analysis for our owners and the public at large. We will be launching our radio show in June that we are tentatively planning for Sundays and Mondays. Our first show will air on June the 5th. I will be providing direct links on our site here for you to listen to us if you are so inclined. You must have sufficient experience in fantasy football to compete in these leagues. We will not allow anyone in that does not. We require your age to be over 21 to be a part of the leagues. Contact me directly if you are interested in joining. My phone number and email is listed below. Corey D Roberts Owner 317.603.9434 majorleaguefantasysports@gmail.com majorleaguefantasysports.com
  8. Prof Poopcicle

    Who should I keep?

    .5 PPR, can keep up to 5 players for next year.. Give up 1st round pick for 1st player i keep, 2nd round pick for 2nd etc. Doubt I'd keep a QB or gronk cause he'll break again but for perspective.. Here are my options: RB: Eddie Lacy Matt Forte Alf Morris Knowshon Moreno WR: Keenan Allen Pierre Garcon TE: Gronk QB: Russel Wilson
  9. R8RMick

    Off topic with Ben Tate

    So if you're in a keeper league you may want to keep an eye on Ben Tate if he is out there on your waiver wire. In 2014 he becomes unrestricted, and the team will have some decisions to make. More likely all will depend on events on the field this season. 1. They can sign Tate long term with big guaranteed money and commit to him as their workhorse back. 2. They can slap him with the 'exclusive' Franchise label. The players is not free to sign with another team and is offered a minimum of the average of the top five salaries at the player's position as of April 16, or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater. 3. They can assign the 'non-exclusive' Franchise label. Using this tag gives the team a certain amount of security. Other teams are allowed to negotiate to sign the player long term, and the club can either match that offer or receive two first round picks in compensation for its loss. 4. He can be tagged as a 'Transition' player, where the Texans can either match the offer or let Tate go with no compensation. This is a potentially cheaper route, but dangerous as the team gets nothing if he walks. From The Bleacher Report: "In 2013 the NFL and NFLPA recently released a memo that detailed the non-exclusive and transition tag numbers for each position. NFL Network's Albert Breer recently got his hands on this memo, via Marc Sessler on NFL.com." The Running back numbers are: Non-exclusive- $8,219,000 Transition- $6,970,000 With Arian Foster's 2014 contract at almost $6,000,000 this would be a ton of money for Houston to tie up at running back on a $123 million salary cap. Lastly, no matter where he ends up Tate is not interested in playing second fiddle. From KFFL: (KFFL) Houston Texans RB Ben Tate isn't happy being behind RB Arian Foster on the running back depth chart despite outplaying his counterpart in Week 1 versus the San Diego Chargers. "I would be lying to you if I told you that I embraced the complement role to someone else," Tate said. "That's not why I wanted to be in the NFL. That's not my dream to complement someone else. That's not what my attitude or why I work out is to complement someone else." This looks like a scenario very much like Michael Turner's last season in San Diego.
  10. Hello, I am looking for 2 new members in a ESPN Fantasy keeper league. It is The Pillar Fantasy League which was ran through my orginal blog. Since then I have started a website named, Comedic Prose. However the league lives on under the original name. The draft is an auction draft that will take place this Saturday at 1pm EST and 11AM PST. You have $350 to spend less the keepers you decide to keep (if you decide to keep anyone). You will take over a one of the available owner spots, and have the opportunity to keep two of your players for the current market price. If your interest reply and check out the home page of the league here: http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=121548&teamId=1&seasonId=2013 Any questions let me know Thanks Kortney Shane Williams www.comedicprose.com www.kortneyshanewilliams.com
  11. For more information email epicffl2013@yahoo.com