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Found 1 result

  1. 4/4 straight up picks boys, not that last weekend was extremely difficult to predict…fine I was 2 out of 4 if you bet against the spread, KC and Arizona didn’t cover, whatever, I’m still great, shut it. This is a lengthy rant that is chock full of goodness, so prepare yourselves for the epic-ness that follows. That said, that Arizona Green Bay game was some seriously entertaining sh1t! I’ve never seen as crazy a finish as that in years! I knew Rodgers was gonna hit that hail-Mary! Then the OT coin flip thing. Then Palmer somehow hits Fitz uncovered in the open field and I’m all high off the Rodgers Hail-Mary then I’m yelling like “NOOOO!!! DON’T LET FITZ RUN FREEEEEEE IN THE OPEN FIELD!” 75 yards later they’re in scoring range. Shovel pass to Fitz for the TD to win. Wow. Damn, that’s some good football right there! Entertainin’ sh1zz, even if GB lost, least it was good. Other games went about as expected. NE looks like a juggernaut with no glaring weaknesses (Reid seriously bro, can you learn to manage a game clock after like 20 seasons?). Carolina looked pretty dominant then went to sleep in the second half. Denver barely got out of that game alive, the Steelers might have won with a bunch of backups if not for an untimely fumble by their 3rd string RB. So back to predicting winners, I’m not even gonna think too hard about my picks this week… NE (-3.0) @ DEN – This is being hyped as some sort of Brady vs. Manning bowl? Come on, Manning is all of a sudden going to become a clutch playoff QB against his nemesis? Am I hyped? No I am certainly not hyped after watching Manning derp his way to a lackluster win last week. He completed what, like 2 passes over 20 yards? Everything else was dink and dunk underneath. Manning’s passes were high, floaty and often off the mark. (Oh but he had 6 drops, so it’s not his fault!) He had 6 passes dropped because he was leading his receivers too much and too high. Manning did not pass the eye test for me, I don’t care what the stat line says. Manning’s arm is running on like 10% juice, and 90% willpower, it’s getting painful to watch him throw 10 yard floaters that feel like they have a 5 second hang time. Maybe under perfectly optimal conditions (Good pocket, time, gets his body into the throw) he can throw a decent spiral, but a lot of the time they look like dead ducks floating out of there. Defense and Field goals aren’t enough firepower to beat the Pats. NE cover and win, Eventually, your QB actually has to make a play in the playoffs to win the game, and Manning just can’t do it. Sportswriters might not be willing to hang him out to dry out of respect, but I am, he’s done, I haven’t seen him look remotely like a good playoff QB in a season and a half, and yes, I’m a huge Manning homer saying that. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot of Manning-face next week. You know the face... Anyway… Arizona @ Carolina (-3.0) – Arizona looked good on defense, but Palmer was off target on a lot of his throws, that’s a concern. In fact, Palmer looked really shaky to me, I think that finger is a big issue for him. The Panthers have a great defense, despite faltering a bit last week. I don’t think the cards have enough juice to get past Super-Cam at home. I think Carolina probably have the potential to bury Arizona, but then they have a good defense, so they may hang in there. I’d be really surprised if we’re not looking at a Patriots vs. Panthers Superbowl rematch. Then we find out if Cam is for real in the big dance. GET FOCKING HYPE cuz Super-Dabbing-Newton-Cam dethrones dreams for Beli/Brady 5 time Superbowl era! Hype boys, serious Hype. If this does turn out to be a Denver – Arizona Superbowl, I’ll be extremely surprised, I can guarantee you the league wants that Pats/Panthers matchup instead (Heisman top draft pick vs. 4 time Superbowl winner is way more marketable). Expect the refs to act accordingly to make this happen. J