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Found 2 results

  1. PPR. Like a couple of others I lost Dak and my game. Now 3-2 and trying to salvage my season. I have Goff as my backup but need another option. I am last in waivers this week. Please rank the following available QB’s that are available to me from best option to worst: Stafford, Fitzpatrick, Bridgewater, Dalton, Cousins, Flacco.
  2. skydiverd

    QB Stream week 8

    Seems like a lot of QB questions popping up for week 8, and admittedly, I'm jealous over what everyone else has to choose from on their WW's LOL. I've been in QB hell all season thanks to my league mates all hoarding QB's. As of week 4, I was 1-3 and sitting on an injured #1 pick Barkley, and also Hunter Henry, and it was looking really bad... FF to today - I am now 4-3, have scored the highest total points by over 30, and only 1 game behind a pair of 5-2 teams who just seem to get lucky every week winning low scoring games. They have both faced less than 100 points less than I have this season. I feel pretty good about my chances of passing one or both of them. So, Last few weeks I've been using Cousins. He gets a short week vs Wash, and I am probably ok leaving him in there, although I don't see a big need for him to throw a lot in this one. Which is also ok, as I have Cook, so basically I get all MN TD's, which has been good last few weeks. Stream options are Darnold vs Jax - so bad against NE that I cannot consider this right now Bridgewater Vs AZ - I like this matchup - is Teddy for sure playing this week? Rudolph vs Miami - also a good matchup although he has not done much to impress me M. Moore vs Green Bay - I'd like to get this, but I have a feeling there is no way I'll win this claim Both the Mahommes and Matt Ryan owners will also be picking up QB's, and I am pretty sure they both have a priority over me as we go by league rank. So my choices will be less than you see here. Can you give me your ranks of 2-3 of these? Thanks y'all!