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Found 48 results

  1. 0.5PPR League Who to start and why? Leave a link and will respond in return.
  2. Madler

    WR Help

    To all PPR league Ridley v. Bengals Sterling Shepard v. Saints Mike Williams v. 49ers Williams has 3 TD's in the last two games. Ridley went crazy last week for 3 TDS. Saints give up a ton of points. Shepard scored last week and now with Engram out should be seeing more targets Leave a link.
  3. Madler

    QB Help - Thursday game

    Who should I play at QB. Cousins at Rams or Dalton at Atlanta Leave a link
  4. Madler

    Flex and WR help

    Need to win to get into the playoffs. This is our last week. PPR Need two of four, one for WR, the other Flex Crabtree v. KC Dez v. Giants Watkins v. Eagles Hunt v. Raiders (flex him or the other WR) Leave a link
  5. I am in two PPR leagues. #1 Need two WR's JuJu Smith Schuster v. Titans Dez Bryant v. Eagles DeSean Jax v. Miami Larry Fitz v. Houston Devante Parker v. Tampa In this league I am already playing Big Ben and Leveon Bell. #2 Flex Delanie Walker v. Steelers Rischard Matthews v. Steelers Jeremy Maclin v. Packers Leave a link and I will help you.
  6. Madler

    QB Help: Dak or Palmer

    Dak v. Vikings Palmer v. Skins I have been riding Dak, but Minnesota is a really tough matchup. Leave a link and I will answer yours.
  7. ric0

    U pick 2. WHIR

    1/2 PPR. Need the best combo. Fuller (HOU) vs Vikings. Known as the WR erasers, how will a WR2 do against this vaunted defense? Hogan (NE) vs Cleveland. We know that angry Brady is back. Rusty? Will all the mouths to feed in NE will Hogan benefit? Dixon (BAL) vs Washington. Had him on the pine awaiting his return. West seems to be warming the seat until Dixon fully recovers. Will Dixon see enough touches to be worthy enough to start. Lastly, Royal (CHI) vs Indy. Has put up solid numbers recently but hasn't practiced all week and has great rapport with Hoyer. Indy has been pretty favorable. Worth risking it to start? Pick two and leave a link and I'll help you also.
  8. Madler

    WR Help

    Need one of three in PPR league: Watkins v. Jets and Revis R. Randle v. Pats T. Benjamin v. Steelers Leave a link and I will answer yours
  9. ff07

    Golden Tate for Ingram

    14 team, .5 ppr I have no rbs (Jennings/A Williams and other trash) but have d Thomas, Jordan and Tate. I'm 4-5 and need to go 3-1 to make the playoffs. Also have Gordon waiting for week 12 Thoughts?
  10. Madler

    Tough Decisions

    Have some tough calls to make QB Cam v. Saints Cutler @ Philly Need 3/4 Gore v. Falcons Andre Johnson v. Colts Desean Jax v. Bears Alshon Jeffreys @ Philly Plus Bears and Philly play at Sunday night. If Dallas @ Washington, Philly clinches its spot. If Lions lose @ Giants and Pack loses v. Steelers, Bears clinch. Cam and Andre play at noon, while I could only plug in Boykins, who plays in the late game to replace one of the receivers in the Bears/Eagles game. Or am I thinking too much. Any help would be great.
  11. So I can't decide who to start...I'm afraid the Giants might get down at home vs Seattle and abandon the run. Gio splits time with BJGE and is at Pitt...which is the better situation this week? Also, been planning on starting the Jags vs Buffalo over the Bears @ Cleveland but snow in Cleveland might result in some fluky defensive stats. Thoughts? Leave a link.
  12. I have Vereen which i'm def starting and need a 2nd RB and flex starter in a .5ppr league L.Bell vs Cincy A.Brown vs Seattle Morris @Atl right now I lean brown/bell because of their pass catching potential but morris clearly has the best matchup and will likely be leaned on with cousins starting. still...he's pretty td dependent. please help!!! will answer yours, thanks.
  13. tikigods

    Harry Douglas or Dwayne Bowe

    Go with Douglas in Toronto v. the Bills Pass Defense (#10 in pass defense-229 yards allowed per game-18TDs allowed) or Go with Bowe at home v. the Broncos Pass Defense (#29 in pass defense-283 yards allowed per game-21TDs allowed) Atl/Buf over/under 46.5 Den/KC over/under 48.5 Leave a link. I will respond.
  14. Woosters

    PPR - RB help...

    So...FF world....Forte has hyperextended his knee! PPR league, 10 teams....win and in! Who do I start? Pick 2 RB and a Flex M.Forte @ Min (Sunday) LeVeon Bell @ Bal (Thusday) Andre Brown @ Wash (Sunday Harry Douglas @ Buff (Sunday)
  15. futurecub07

    Stafford or Foles?

    I recently traded for Stafford, and also dropped Eli a couple weeks ago for Foles (started him for the 7td game.) There's no reason that either player shouldn't have a big game. I just want to know who you think will have the bigger game. Stafford has a below average matchup but the Steelers really haven't faced many good QB so the numbers might not tell the whole story. Foles has a great matchup and this game could be a shootout since the Philly def isn't very good. Thoughts? leave a link
  16. Who would you start? Eric Decker @ San Diego Vincent Jackson vs. Miami Leave a link, I will try to help you.
  17. ff07

    Pick 2 RBs

    Pick 2 RBs in a 14 team, .5 PPR league D Murray Rice Ellington Sproles I'm definitely starting Murray, but the other 3 are making my head hurt.... HELP! leave a link and i'll answer yours
  18. Lost Rodgers so I need someone to fill the void, I was only able to grab Ben and he obviously isn't the answer for the ROS. My team is in my sig and it's a 1pt ppr non keeper so Brown's value is significantly increased but I need a QB. Here's the scenarios. A. Brown for either Rivers or Cam- Thinking Rivers and his schedule is much better than Newton's down the stretch. A. Brown for Wilson- He's been the hottest qb of late but he still has a bye and his schedule is iffy down the stretch. The good thing is that with this trade this guys team is 3-6 and prob gonna b out of playoff contention so Brown will never come back to hurt me while the other trade Brown will go to a very good team already. Thoughts? Leave a link and I'll respond.
  19. Well I done focked up. I didn't realize my league rules dictated that a trade agreed upon before Thursday's game, but has a voting period that resulted in the trade being finalized Friday and including a player in Thursdays game, would not actually go through until the following week. So, I was expecting to have Giovani Bernard on my roster for the weekend and I was plugging him in. As a result, I dropped Rashad Jennings and picked up Ellington for a more long-term speculation. Well had I known about the trade rule, I would have played Jennings this week...can't do that now and I can't pick him back up 'cause he's on waivers until Wednesday. So here's what I'm left with. I need to start 2: Martin (Bye) MJD (starting) Ben Tate Ellington Would you start Tate or Ellington in this situation? Non-PPR, no points for yardage until you hit 70...so I think I need to go with the guy most likely to score a TD. Or do I drop someone and pick up another RB? I can't drop Tate because he's part of the trade that will be processed on Wednesday. I can only drop Ellington and I can pick up one of these guys: Quizz, Pead, Hillman, D. Thomas, Bolden, Stacy, Franklin, Jacobs. Leave a link to yours.
  20. futurecub07

    Ridley for J Thomas, A Brown

    I have Ridley. Lost Blakmon, just traded Dez and some garbage for Jordy and Stafford, and now Rodgers is out. I'm thin at WR and my TE has been Charles Clay, who isn't that good unless he gets a score. What do you think about this deal? I feel like I'm winning but it's hard to give away Ridley since he's been such a stud lately. My team: Stafford, Foles Ridley, Stacy, Woodhead, M James, D Martin, Green Ellis Nelson, Boykin, Thompkins, Burleson, M Brown (JAC) Clay streaming K and D. leave a link
  21. I'm reluctant to drop Amendola...but with Blackmon getting popped for drugs and out for the year, is Mike Brown worth a pick up? My current WRs: Gordon Boykin Antonio Brown Amendola
  22. Here were my WR this morning: J Nelson, J Boykin, Blackmon, K Thompkins, Burleson. So I was thin to begin with, and now I lost Blackmon (thanks Justin for the 4 weeks!). I don't have any stud HB but for a 14 team league, I'm still pretty deep: Ridley, Woodhead, Stacy, M James, Green Ellis, D Martin (just in case). Talked to a team with a bunch of WR who needs HB, this is the offer he sent me Nicks, Harvin, McGahee for Ridley, Thompkins, Burleson Thompkins value has plumetted so I don't care about losing him. Ridley has been better but I don't know what to expect when Vereen returns. Burleson was a grab and stash. What do you think? Take it, ask for more, or stick with what I got? Leave a link
  23. Both are available on my wire, thinking of dropping Rueben Randle for one of them.
  24. Bonus points for longer TDs. Double points for QB rushing TDs. TE scoring rules: no points for yardage. At 70 yards - 5 pt bonus, then 1pt/10 yds thereafter. QB scoring rules: no points for yardage. At 250 yards - 5 pt bonus, then 1pt/10 yds thereafter.
  25. I just made a 4 for 3 trade and now have an open roster spot. I'm only carrying 4 WR right now, with 2 from Green Bay, so I'm looking to grab a WR from the wire. Who's the better pickup: Deandre Hopkins or Nate Burleson? Hopkins seems to have the higher upside but he's been really inconsistent and rookie WR generally can't be counted on. Burleson looked great and was a must-own before he got hurt, plays in a pass happy offense and comes back soon.. Who would you grab?