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Found 6 results

  1. Aj21

    Trade offer

    Trade offer and teams below. 12 team PPR league. Receive: Wilson&Mckissic give: Zeke&M.Thomas my current team: stafford/wentz Zeke/Robinson/Gibson/Hunt/Ballage Thomas/Cooper/Mclaurin/Fulgam/Shepard Kelce Their team Wilson/Rothelsberger Conner/Mckissic/hines/Snell Hopkins/Evans/Cook/Gallup/Renfrow waller i want a more solid QB option which Wilson would provide but, am I giving too much? Should I be asking for Connor or Evans/Cook instead of Mckissic?
  2. lowspark

    Who do I drop? Or do I?

    Have a bit of a dilemma... I am playing one of the worst teams in my league and my team is pretty solid. Chicago D is on Bye this week...trying to pick up a D and keep chicago but having trouble determining who to drop... Tried to make some trades...2 for 1 deals, trade for an IR guy to open up a spot, etc...w/no luck Looks like I have a couple choices... 1) Drop a player and pick up a D (probably going to be Denver) Who would you drop? (have waiver priority 8, btw...) 2) Run without a kicker this week 3) Run w/out a Defense this week Let me know your thoughts. Here's my team Starters QB: Drew Brees RB: Gurley RB: McCaffery WR: Davante Adams WR: Tyler Boyd TE: Kyle Rudolph Flex: C Hyde K: Harrison Butker D: <EMPTY> Bench WR's D Thomas M Jones J Brown A. Cooper Rb's Dion lewis Breida QB: Cousins My opponent C Wentz L McCoy Saquon B. L. Fitz Keenan Allen Jordan Reed Isiah Crowell Eagles D. S Gotskowski I will help with yours if you send a link.
  3. Illini4evr

    Trade: I. Crowell for D. Thomas

    in 1st place, low on RB's, got offered I. Crowell for D. Thomas, thoughts? Team: QB: T. Brady, B. Roth RB: E. Elliott, L. Miller, R. Jennings WR: D. Thomas, T. Pryor, R. Cobb, M. Crabtree, T. Austin, M. Wallace TE: G. Olsen, K. Rudolph K: M. Bryant DEF: Seattle, Arizona
  4. Don't want too many eggs in basket, but obviously want best chance at good fp's lol! Currently starting Taylor, McCoy, Draughn, Hurns, Bryant, Yeldon (flex), ASJ, Prater, NYJ It's ASJ vs NO or J. Thomas vs IND. Thinking Saints do give up a good bit to TE, DEF is very questionable, but concern is with injuries to secondary. Do Evans and VJax get the most looks, catches, & td's? Still, guess liking ASJ's chances over J. Thomas at the moment. Thoughts?
  5. Monte Ball, Alfred Morris, Pierre Thomas or Donald Brown need to start two. Help please! .5 PPR
  6. Hey fellas, first week of the playoffs and I've got tough matchups. Right now I'm trying to pick my TE and Flex spot from 3 players in a PPR league: Danny Woodhead Julius Thomas Jason Witten Need to pick two. Witten and Thomas have the better matchups, but things I'm fretting over: Giants haven't given up a 100yd rusher to a RB more than once this season. Could this be a good thing for Woodhead in a PPR league (more catches if Mathews struggles)? Witten is playing in a primetime game against a Bears Defense that is giving up a lot of points. Could be a shootout too. But, has been very inconsistent all year. I also have Dez Bryant. Could the cold weather in Denver cause some stiffness in Julius's knee even though he's apparently 100%? Also, if Peyton struggles, how many TDs will there to be go around? I also have Demaryius Thomas. Rest of my team: QB: Drew Brees RB1: Jamaal Charles RB2: Giovani Bernard WR1: Dez Bryant WR2: Demaryius Thomas TE: ? Flex: ? D/ST: Cincinnati Bengals Leave a link and I will give you my opinion in return! Thanks.