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Dan Sez

thoughts about the June Draft?

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I was hoping to have enough energy to write up a press release. Maybe this weekend. But overall, I am very pleased with the draft. I gave up a lot to move up and around, but there is a plan behind the madness.


borg RB class 05

Cedric Benson, Chi

Ciatrick Fason, Min

Brandon Jacobs, NYJ


borg WR class 05

Troy Williamson, Min

Mike Clayton, Bal

Sammie Parker, KC


borg TE class 05

Doug Jolley, NYJ


A lot of new blood. With hope for the future.


What are your hot prospects, steals and finds of the June draft?


Fire off hear or write your own Press Release Thread.

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RB -


Cadillac Williams

Ryan Moats


WR -


Matt Jones

Vincent Jackson


TE -


Alex Smith


QB -


Charlie Frye



I think I covered my needs pretty well, albiet they were many. I would of liked to grab another WR here, but because my TE's were weak, and my QB position could be decimated after this season, I needed to fill those positions.

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Bombers additions



Frank Gore

Will unseat Barlow sooner than people think and showcase the talent he had when in Miami. For some reason I have this feeling that SF won't totally suck this year. I'm prolly wrong but I think Alex Smith will surprise.


Correll Buckhalter

I don't believe in Moats and Westbrook will have some goal-line carries stolen by this guy.


Marion Barber III

Tuna says he'll give this guy a lot of touches this year. We'll see. Not a burner but who knows. Good hands. Also like the fact that he has a numeral after his name.



Joe Jurevicius

Now we'll finally get to see what Koren Robinson should've done in that offense. With DJax getting double coverages, I like Joe's chances.


Rod Gardner

I'm hoping he'll be playing with a chip on his shoulders, wherever that is. Despite what people called a horrid 2004, he was still a decent WR. Imagine if he focusses.



Heath Miller

Great combo with Heap. As others have said, I think he was the steal of this draft.



All in all, pretty happy with my draft.

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(The Team Presently Known As) Jed's Clamp-it



Chad Pennington



TJ Duckett

Vernand Morency



Steve Smith (via trade)

Bryant Johnson

Travis Taylor


I have more needs than I can address in this draft. I needed a several guys to make an immediate impact (Smith, Taylor, Duckett). I think I did well to do that and also get some future prospects (Morency, Johnson). Pennington was a need, since I will likely lose at least one of my current QBs after the season.


There are still a couple players I'll be targeting in August - and with the 3rd pick, I should get one of them.


I think I have put some pieces in place that will be on my team past this season, which was one of my goals. Overall, though, my team is still weak and is likely in for a long season.

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Common theme here:


1.06 Mike Williams, WR, DET

2.06 Amani Toomer, WR, NYG

3.07 Terry Glenn, WR, DAL

4.06 Reche Caldwell, WR, SD

5.02 Marty Booker, WR, MIA

5.07 Marshall Faulk, RB, STL


Over the past two years, injuries have killed my team. I wanted productive (mostly productive anyway) guys who can get me points. I wanted to avoid having to hope that the free agent flavah of the week would be productive after that initial strong showing. Toomer, Glenn, and Booker should be able to start for most teams in this league on a weekly basis. Caldwell and Williams may be too inconsistent for this year, but strong keepers for next. And oh how the mighty have fallen from grace.

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Marvin Harrison (via trade)

speaks for himself


Ricky Williams

He will start this season. He may not be a feature back but he's the best RB4 I could have hoped to have.



Keyshawn Johnson (via trade)

I traded away my 3.09 for this guy. Thats probably about where he would have been drafted anyways. I have to pay an extra salary point for him but I needed WR help bad.


Jerome Bettis (via trade)

He probably would have stayed ont he board till the 6th round and gone after Faulk and Shipp, but I have a definite need for him with Duce on my roster. Im satisfied with the way that turned out.


Chris Henry

I had been projecting him here all along. I was worried when some donkey posted a story about him on the main board. I figured someone would jump on him. Cinci's future prospects at WR are slim so this guy might get some balls thrown his way in the years to come.


David Terrell

He was the best player available, IMO. If he can sprinkle in a few 6/90/1 games like patten did, I'll consider this pick a huge win.


I know my team is old. it is every year.......but I think its a damn good squad.

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This year's theme was drafting (preferably young) vets. Salary points building on kids with wide eyes and special teams duty is the pits.


Michael Bennett Starter, young, main competition gone, wicked sweet line.


McNAIR!$@# Ok, he's not young but offseason reports have him lighter and leaner, and eager to back up the delicate Bulger.


Michael Jenkins His rookie special teams days are behind him and now a probable starter.


(Rivers = a miscalculation on my part with more QBs being available than I projected. Still, my future is in hand.)


(Chris Chambers = 5th rounder is a small price to pay to make KRob expendable.)


David Boston Maybe a pick flushed down the crapper. Maybe the steal of the draft. :thumbsup:


Boo Williams Like Boston, the talent has been seen but there needs to be some maturity and dedication to the craft.

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Tom Brady



Kevin Faulk



Andre Davis

Bernard Berrian

Jabar Gaffney



Erron Kenney



Adam Vinatieri


I had no first round pick, I gave my pick to have Edge on my team and as I stated before, I am just trying to make a big push to win it all, we will see! It is like I tell people, if you do nothing you know what happens...nothing! So I am rolling the dice and hopefully will get a nice little trophy for the risk, I guess I will know if it was a good move sometime in the late fall! (Can't wait to find out!)


I have some thoughts about my squad. I saw where Blitzen thought Heath Miller was the steal of the draft, I must state that getting Tom Brady for 1 point trumps that (although Miller is a good pick...not starting a war or anything) selection. Brady was #10 in overall points in the league according to the Top Players selection of stats.


I was glad to get Faulk to back up in spot duty for my Big 4 at RB and if something happens to Corey Dillion...not wishing harm but just looking at scenarios...that could be a big value.


Erron Kenney is a decent TE to team up with Clark, that should get me some good numbers. With the Titan Defense being predicted by many to be just slightly above horrible, Kenney (as well as Bennett, also on my squad) will have lots of pass catching opportunities.


I like Andre Davis putting up decent numbers at WR and Berrian and Gaffney will probably be the #2 WR's at both of their respective clubs. (...I think Berrian will get more catches that Gage and Gaffney will outlast Bradford and everyone else for the 2 slot in Houston)


I grabbed early for a kicker but I was looking at the scoring at RTSports last season and having a good kicker will win you the close games...hopefully that will pay off, we will see!


Overall, I feel I did well! :D

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