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Grigs Allmoon

What's up with this bored?

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Is it going to be up and running smoothly when we start the FAB? I think it would be great to have a thread for each wave, and have some discussion as we embark on this journey.

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As long as the servers hold up...


I'm hoping on this board we can discuss strategy, how the system works, trash talk, etc.


We'll see.

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Hey Mike, I seem to be getting connection quantity errors. Do you guys need a better, reliable hosting service? I may know someone... :mellow:

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I have been getting a lot of that problem too. I thought it might be just a little "hating'


going on - connections can be restricted by username and ip address.


GA, you been pizzen off the powers recently? I pulled off a really nasty flame session on the


Geek Boards one day and then retreated back to my crypt. Seeing how the neo-cons rule the Geek


Board, I figured I got targeted for a couple of weeks with connection hazzards.


But then again, just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean they are not out to get me.




btw, I keep all flames, environmental and political, outside of the football world. I would


appreciate the same courtesy.





do you get this message:

mySQL query error: SELECT id, member_id, running_time, location FROM ibf_sessions WHERE


id='24f2e86595fe5d9934fe7e78d8ffee63' and ip_address='xx.xx.xxx.xxx'


mySQL error: Too many connections

mySQL error code:

Date: Friday 26th of August 2005 09:48:35 AM



see it has two places it can target the username (member_id) and ip_address

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