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Tough Guy

Let the Dyanstys begin.

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OK everyone the bored is now fixED and its time to start the season. I just want to say thank you to everyone for joining this league first of all and hope everyone has alot of fun. If you have any questions or concerns dont hesitate to email or call me I'll try to help as much as i can, ofcourse unless your name is BL or THM then your on your own. :pointstosky: As of now the rules are set in stone and will not be changed until after the season. If anyone has hany questions on them they are pinned in the rules thread. I am sure that after this season we will find a few bugs in the system that we need to work out, if you do make a note of them and they will be dealt with after the season. So lets everyone grab yourself a few cold ones and soem nachos and get ready to watch the cheerleaders between plays. And for those of you that are married, just turn your wifes volume down and you should be ok! :first: (if it were only possible sometimes)


Good luck to all! And i quote Minnesota Vikings head coach durring his first season when they were 6-10 and asked what he was going to do. "Were going to ENJOY THE SEASON". Spoken from a man with true football wisdom!

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