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Tough Guy

Waiver wire

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for this week only due to the problems with the waivers we will only have one wave of waivers. This will be fridaynight/saturday morning at midnight. So everyone submit your waivers and they will be processed friday night.


From here on out this is how works. Waivers will be processed at midnight on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There will be no waivers between weekly games. So if there is a thursday game there will be no waivers from thursday to sunday.


The waivers work the same as the pre-draft box, just make sure that if you do not have an open spot on your roster that you submit a player to drop, and you must do this before selecting a player to add. It will say pick up player XXX and drop PLayer YYY. If it says drop none and you have no open spots then your waivers will be skipped.


The waiver order is posted on the league site so you knwo where you pick at. The days that waivers will be submitted is also posted on the league calendar on the main page at the bottom of the league site. All players are unlocked. For now on if an owner misses a waiver there will be no going back and redoing it.


If there is a major problem email myself, theyhateme, or slash ASAP. This is final and the waiver wire will go thru or there will not be one this week.


I am also emailing and posting this on the league site.



Sorry for the inconvience to everyone, were just trying to be fair to all


Tough Guy

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