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Congrats to Nate

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Who's our daddy?


The answer would be Nate.


Man, I had a really good year for WHIP and Ks and couldn't do anything for WINS and ERA. That's where I got killed.


Bonds sitting the whole year didn't help much either.

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Thanks franswahh... :first:


That's about the best year of pitching i've ever had. [insert dontrelle willis fraft pick gloating words here] I also need to thank chad cordero and bob wickman for saves, julio lugo, jason bay and albert pujols [ALBERT PUJOLS!] for saving my butt in stolen bases after my dave roberts / carlos beltran plan didn't work out. but most of all, i would like to thank all of you fine fantasy baseball players... for sucking so much. i truly appreciate it.


it is particularly gratifying to see the LD53rs stinking it up this year after usurping my throne last year. my consistency is the hallmark of my greatness (right after my humility).


Hope to beat you all, oops i mean see you all, next spring!@# :huh: :thumbsup:

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