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Week 4 Free Agency

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Rank Order


>Worst to First order


>Forty Acres

>Red October

>Blitzen Bombers

>Goldilocks Zone


>Mountain Madness

>Dark Side of the Moon

>Fightn' Whities

>Low Level Owls

>Monster God Balls

>Chaos Theory

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Borg 0403 - 9

Bid 1 Roscoe Parrish, WR BUF - GOOD

Bid 1 Tennessee DEF - GOOD

Bid 1 Jim Kleinsasser, TE MIN - GOOD

6 pts left


Forty Acres - 12

no email


Red October - 9

Bid 1 Jarrett Payton RB TEN - GOOD

Bid 1 Roscoe Parrish WR BUF - LOST TO BORG

Bid 1 Todd Peterson PK ATL - GOOD

7 pts left


Blitzens Bombers - 7

no email


Goldilock's Zone - 14

no email


Freeze - 12


Mountain Madness - 11

2 pts Tyson Thompson RB DALLAS - GOOD

1 pt Dane Looker WR St. Louis - GOOD

1 pt Jeff Reed K Pittsburgh - GOOD

7 pts left


Dark Side of the Moon - 17

no email


Fightin Whities - 9

no email


Low Level Owls - 15


Monster God Balls - 11

Jay Feely - 1 - GOOD

Josh McCown - 3 - GOOD

7 pts left


Chaos Theory - 10

bid 1 for Jeff Reed, K, PIT - LOST TO MOUNTAIN MADNESS

10 pts left


Please double check your rosters for correctness

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as we get closer to the end of points, if someone submits a request that exceeds their points availble, the whole bid will be rejected.



Dan Has 3 points left over

Bid 3 on WR A / INT Bid 2 on WR B


Bid 1 on PK C


Under the mistaken assumption that if they didn't spend the three on WR A, they could split the points and bid on WR B and PK C - this bid would be rejected entirely.

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