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Dan Sez

Weak Five Blues

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About a 3rd of my team was on byes this week, or else it felt like it.


Sad when I am reduced to pining for Melewe Moore. Travesty Henry sits on an extended vacation - though I had already seen his sorriness in the crystal ball from a year ago. Michael Clayton seems to be solidly stuck in the sophomore jinx and adds a shoulder injury to the mix.


Who is killing your team with injuries and/or assorted acts of sorriness?


Troy Williamson started looking good before the bye. I hope that continues. Thomas Jones has also done much better than expected, but how much longer can the losing Bears keep their first round pick on the bench? In the best of all world's category, Jones will go to another team (NY Jets?) next year and Benson will take over Chicago's duties. Travesty has just about worn away all my patience.

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Seeing the discussion on the Football Boards about tanking games has me thinking:


There have been a few teams start BYE players in games. We have large rosters and sometimes mistakes are made but lets try not to let that happen very often, please.


Also I would like to open discussion about "Fire Sale" and if anyone thinks I am doing anything out of the spirit of the league.


Going into the playoffs last year and into our free agency period,


E.James was on the trading block and Indy wasn't acting all concerned to keep him

T.Henry was still languishing in a backup role in Buffalo

T.Jones was still not locked in as the Bear's back of preference



I felt that Indy was going to have a power letdown from their phenomenal 04 season and I wanted to make moves.


the two major moves I made were:


Trading Edge and Burleson for the 5th pick in the draft, Wayne and M.Moore

(which set up my second move)


Trading Harrison for the Number 4 pick in the draft


The 4th pick became C.Benson CHI and the 5th pick became T.Williamson MIN.


I do not consider either of these moves as "firesale" but as a restructure move. If someone does, then please say so and lets discuss the relative values of what was given and what was traded.


I also cut T.Brady in the free agent gamble of trying to pick him up in the second round - that didn' work out for me, but D.Brees is looking better every week(Another trade preparing for the future - M.Mohammed for D.Brees).



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I'll speak up...


The Edge trade was there because I wanted to try to get 4 RB's and I rolled the dice to get Big Ben/Ward for Rudi (I didn't think I would be able to grab Brady which kind of watered the trade down but oh well...)


Back to Edge trade, I saw Burleson setting there and I bought into the hype of him taking over where Moss left off....DOH! I am seeing images of Derrick Alexander running through my head the more I think about Burleson.


Dan was very up front with the fact that he wanted high picks and he was going to take a likely hit this year to try to get a "younger, deeper" talent base and hopefully have a stud team 2 or 3 years running down the road. I didn't hear anything about a "fire sale" then so I doubt anyone would say that now.


In essence of everything, I am glad I got Edge but I feel really aggrevated about Burleson, I know that I am not alone in the line amongst the fantasy football nation! My WR situation keeps haunting me....booo hooo!

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I have no problem with anything that went down. Hell if these boys dont start scoring there is going to be a firesale held at the FW camp.


As far as disappointments go.....


Hard to say Priest because I didnt expect his 24 ppg average from the last few years, but I expected a little more than I am getting so far. I dont think he is 100% healthy.


Calico, man I thought this kid was going ot be a star. 6/51 in 5 games. :lol:


Stokley, Harrison, Manning...I did not expect '04 numbers.......but I certainly didnt expect this crap. Dont be suprised to see a lot more Bledsoe in the coming weeks.


Duce......I DID expect Duce and Bettis to at least equal '04 numbers. My intentions were to start both and get 120 yards and 2 TDs a week from them. Hopefully FWP can pick up the slack.

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