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Frafts before weeks 3, 6, 9

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Waivers: Waivers will be limited in this league. There will be no waivers from the conclusion of the draft until NFL week 3 (meaning the week prior to the NFL’s 3rd week of games). In weeks 3, 6, and 9 only, there will be a 1 round draft in which each team can add one player to their roster. There is no need to cut a player to participate. The draft order will be set by league points scored – with the lowest going first. These four players are the only way in which you can alter your lineup in season other than through trading. The waiver draft will be run at the league forum on FFToday starting Tuesday at 3:00pm Forum time with each pick having 3 hour clock (clock suspended from 10:00pm Forum time to 8:00am Forum time). If you miss your pick – those behind you will be on the clock and can skip ahead of you – but you retain the right to pick any remaining free agents when you return to the Forum. However, you must pick by the end of that week. Once the day of the first game of the week starts, the waiver period ends (This may mean cutting the time limit down on weeks with Thursday games). You can mail your pick to the league commish to ensure it goes through if you don't have access.

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