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Week 5 Free Agency

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Borg 0403 - 6

Bid 2 on Bethel Johnson, WR NEP - GOOD

Bid 1 on Mike Alstott, RB TBB - GOOD

Bid 1 on Rohan Davey, QB ARI -GOOD

3 pts left


Forty Acres - 12

Bid 4 for Antowain Smith, RB, NO - GOOD

Bid 3 for Jesse Chapman, RB, NO - GOOD

5 left



Red October - 7

Bid 2 - DJ Hackett WR SEA - GOOD

Bid 2 - Cedric Houston RB NYJ - GOOD

3 left



Fightin Whities - 9

no email


Low Level Owls - 15

no email


Blitzen's Bombers - 7

no email


Goldilock's Zone - 14

1 pt for Kelly Holcomb, QB - OUTBID (Freeze)



Freeze - 12



2 on Kelly Holcomb(QB)BUF - GOOD

1 on Jerald Sowell(RB)NYJ - GOOD

1 on Willie Ponder(WR)NYG - GOOD

8 left


Mountain Madness - 7

1 pt Amos Zeroue - GOOD

1 pt DJ Hackett - OUTBID (Red October)

1 pt Green Bay D/ST - GOOD

5 left



Chaos Theory - 10

bid two for D.J. Hackett, WR, SEA - DENIED (Rank, Red October)



Monster God Balls - 7

no email


Dark Side of the Moon - 17

no email

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actually that would leave me 2 points left

2 / 1 / 1 (6) = 2


all else looks fine


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That's what I like to see, happy campers...


I think I have the largest roster every. And still two more points to spend.

Now if some of them would just get to producing.


But I just got a dismal note on the Rohan Davey front. I had hoped that he would get a late season chance to show some skills and Arizona is far from settled at that position. I sent out my FA projections early Wednesday, I think. I found out today that Arizona just cut Davey. :pointstosky:


Maybe they are in the Lienart race.

Arizona, Chicago, Baltimore - what teams would be a good fit for him?

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