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J Lew and T. Brady Trade

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I am trying to get rid of the disaster that is J-lew. I offered J-lew and E. Kennison for M. Anderson then he countered with....


J-lew and T. Brady




M. Anderson and Antowain Smith


My Roster:


QB: T. Brady, M. Brunell

WR: Kennison, R. Smith, T. Glenn, Jurevicious, M. Clayton, G. Lewis

RB: Westbrook, J-lew, M. Shipp, Pittman

TE: Crumpler, C. Cooley

K: Rackers

Def: Detroit


This guys is loaded at RB he has.....

T. Jones, A. Smith, M. Anderson, FWP, Julius Jones, C. Taylor, T. Thompson, J. Arrington


SO....is this fair, and if not what should I counter with. I know Jamal has basically no value, but hopefully I can get something!!

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Do Not Post "Who Should I Draft, Start, Trade or any other Team Management" topics on this board!

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