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Horsemen gave up:

Brunell, Mark WAS QB

Pennington, Chad NYJ QB

Jones, Julius DAL RB

Price, Peerless DAL WR


Colorado Bombers gave up:

Culpepper, Daunte MIN QB

Johnson, Brad MIN QB

McAllister, Deuce NOS RB

Smith, Antowain NOS RB




Thanks Ralph for putting this through!

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Interesting deal. I like this more for Colorado, but that could change fast.


I don't like dealing with ACL injuries. Had to go through one with Edge, and it took far too long for him to be a reliable FF option again. Odds are you're going to be looking at 2007 before Deuce makes a full recovery especially with how late it happened, and Culpepper - who knows...


That being said, the biggest piece on the other side carries a good deal of risk as well. Julius has been good when healthy, but that durability is becoming a major ? and the guy that Horsemen kept could end up being the starter there long term. But if Julius does shake the injury bug and goes on to be the stud that many project, it's going to be tough for Horsemen to break even IMO.


I can see the rationale for both sides, it will be very interesting to see how it goes...

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