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Free Agency Week 11

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Monster God Balls

Blitzen's Bombers

Dark Side

Chaos Theory

Mountain Madness

Red October

Forty Acres

Fightin Whities


Low Level Owls

Goldilock's Zone


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tenative results - holiday shopping must be taking its toll.



Monster God Balls 3 pts

no message


Blitzen's Bombers 0 pts

no message


Dark Side 9 pts

Bid 2 on Mike McMahon, QB, PHI (AWARDED)

Bid 2 on Heath Evans, RB, NE (AWARDED)

Bid 1 on Justin Peelle, TE, SD (AWARDED)

4 pts left


Chaos Theory 2 pts

no message


Mountain Madness 2 pts

1 pt Heath Evans RB NE (LOST BID TO DARK SIDE)


1 pt left


Red October 1 pt

Bid 1 - Taylor Jacobs WR WAS (AWARDED)

IF NOT THEN Bid 1 - Heath Evans RB NEForty Acres (SKIPPED)



Fightin Whities 1 pt

no message


Freeze 6 pts

no message


Low Level Owls 15 pts

no message


Goldilock's Zone 5 pts

no message


Borg 2 pts

Bid 2 on RB M.Hicks SFO (AWARDED)

IF NOT / THEN Bid 1 on WR Taylor Jacobs WAS (SKIPPED)

0 pts left

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