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You know it's not your day

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No real reason to think I was in any kind of trouble. No pre-flop raises, just a bunch of limpers. I am so focking snake-bit sometimes.




$11+$1 (real money), hand #1,548,869,167

QUALIFIER to GT V Multi Table Tournament, 4 Dec 2005 01:41 PM




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Seat 1: runner2809 ($9,062 in chips)

Seat 3: matos63 ($4,990 in chips)

Seat 4: PhattyP60 ($4,913 in chips)

Seat 5: newrags ($12,139 in chips)

Seat 6: JasperisOK [6H,7C] ($1,948 in chips)

Seat 7: yackattack32 ($2,675 in chips)

Seat 10: casari ($3,273 in chips)





newrags posts blind ($100), JasperisOK posts blind ($200).



yackattack32 calls $200, casari calls $200, runner2809 folds, matos63 folds, PhattyP60 calls $200, newrags calls $100, JasperisOK checks.


FLOP [board cards 4C,7D,6D ]

newrags checks, JasperisOK bets $200, yackattack32 calls $200, casari bets $700, PhattyP60 folds, newrags folds, JasperisOK bets $1,548 and is all-in, yackattack32 bets $2,275 and is all-in, casari calls $1,775.


TURN [board cards 4C,7D,6D,AD ]



RIVER [board cards 4C,7D,6D,AD,JD ]




yackattack32 shows [ 7S,7H ]

casari shows [ AC,AH ]

JasperisOK shows [ 6H,7C ]

casari wins $1,454, casari wins $6,244.





Dealer: PhattyP60

Pot: $7,698

runner2809, loses $0

matos63, loses $0

PhattyP60, loses $200

newrags, loses $200

JasperisOK, loses $1,948

yackattack32, loses $2,675

casari, bets $2,675, collects $7,698, net $5,023

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