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8 team league drafting?

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As stated in the topic title, I'm in an eight team league... typical scoring for TD's, rushing, and receptions. I pick 2nd, 15th, 18th, 31st, 34th and 41st in the 1st 6 rounds.


I know the number one pick is going to be P. Manning so I plann to take L. Johnson with my 1st pick and then:


2nd RND: best RB

3rd RND: best WR

4th RND: best WR


here is where I'm not sure....


the way the talk between the other team owners is going, the 3rd round is going to be a push for their QB's


I'm thinking of taking A. Gates with my 5th round pick and then QB with my 6th round pick.


Being a Broncos fan - ending up with Jake wouldn't bother me much, but it's about 50 - 50 if he's going to end up a sleeper or bust from what I've been reading.


and to ask one final question... in the last round I planned on picking D. Williams as a sleeper RB pick (if no one else has).


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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What is the scoring for QBs? It must be pretty generous if Manning is going first and more are expected to go in the 3rd. In most 12 team leagues is a late 1st/early 2nd rounder and no other QB is likely to go before the 4th round.


Given that RBs don't seem to be as coveting in this league as most, you should get a good RB in round 2. But don't lock yourself into RB. Keep in mind that after pick#15, your picking right away again 3 picks later. So if there are 4 RBs you like about the same at pick#15, take a WR instead. You'll still get a good one in round 3.


Definately wait on your QB, though. After Manning, they're pretty much a dime a dozen.

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