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First IDP $ league of the season

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This is a bizarre scoring league so it's near impossible to predict who's going to go where.


QBs go early, as it's 1 pt per 10 yds, bonus at 300 and 400 PaYd, and 10 points all TDs.

1/10 Ru/Rec and again, 10 Pt TDs, with bonuses at 100 and 150 Ru/Rec yds & PPR


Defense is ridiculous, with 10 points/sack, tackles = 2, assist = 1, DFR = 5, FF = 5, Int = 10


I pulled the 8th pick, and man does my team suck. What blows is that 4 people in this league are in my other $ league, and all drafted with me last Sunday. So they all knew the players I let slip and the players I coveted. It's weak as hell, because sleepers go out the window. One of them who I ALWAYS beat in that league was drafting right next to me in this one, so any time one of the guys I took in the other league was coming up, he grabbed him regardless of his need. It really focked me, and amusingly it focked him as he screwed up his BYEs in a league with a short bench.


Then there was the drunk asshat who kept trying to "guess" the pick of his buddies in the league so for about 3 rounds he kept shouting out players who were undrafted yet - horrible ettiquitte and finally we all yelled at him for it and told him to STFU before we rolled his drunk ass. It was bush league, and it screwed me on Eli Manning 1 pick ahead of me in the 7th, and the guy said after the draft he was going to take a WR there but when that d0uche called the name he felt he had to take him there - fock!) and on Donald Driver who made it within 2 of me in the 6th. I was so angry - I was sitting right next to him and I swear to god I almost sucker punched him when he yelled out Driver and the guy on the clock who was struggling to pick immediately took him and thanked the drunken ass. :mad: :(


Anyway - I pulled the following:

1.08 - Ronnie Brown...LT2, SA, LJ, PManning, Tiki, SJax, Jordan, RBrown (me)

2.05 - Brian Westbrook (they all thought he was still hurt)

3.08 - Terrell Owens (the run on WRs was unreal - 10 in the last 14 picks)

4.05 - Hines Ward (again, injuy/CBatch scared them - if anything Batch will have Ward on a rope as his safest option)

5.08 - Jamal Lewis (good value, I admit I was concerned about RB healthy/stability)

6.05 - TGonz - not wild about the pick, but in a PPR I think TGonz is worth the 6th round price tag.

7.08 - B.Urlacher - 4th IDP taken, 4th LB selected. I love this pick.

8.05 - T.Suggs - in this format, DL's are worth as much as LBs and the run on IDPs was ridiculous at this point - everyone was going IDP

9.08 - Lee Evans - I needed a 3rd starting WR, and it was Evans or Mason. I went with the guy who I thought would be in the offense that would be down more often.

10.05 - Marc Bulger. In this QB heavy league I cannot explain why Bulger was there for me here. Injury risk, sure - but 10th round? Sometimes QB freefall just works.



13.08 - Mike Bell - well worth the risk here, IMO. Amazingly Tatum Bell was taken in the 5th by a guy with an old magazine.


I did the above from memory and didn't write down the exact order I took them, but the rest of the team is as follows:

LBs - Adelious Thomas/Nick Barnett

DLs - Charles Grant/Kevin Williams

DBs - Archuletta/S.Knight/S.Taylor

WR - T.Williamson

QB - Simms/Brooks


Keep in mind that it's a big lineup and short bench, so this league has a LOT of player turnover and always quality players on the WW.


Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 2 LB, 2 DL, 3 DB with a 7 man bench - 22 rounds in total.


Starting lineup:

QB - Bulger

RB - RBrown/Westbrook

WR - Owens/Ward/Evans

TE - TGonz

K - Kasay

LB - Urlacher/A.Thomas

DL/DE - Suggs/Grant

DB - Archuletta/Knight/Taylor



Opinions welcome...I can take it.

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Not bad, your team is nothing to sniff at but I wouldnt start sucking my own d!ck just yet if I were you :lol: . Should be pretty competitive even without looking at the other teams.

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