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$15 Trophy League Spots Still Available L@@K-

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:pointstosky: Do you love football and like a chance to pump new life into your season? Are you 0-2 and own T.O. who is out for the next four weeks? We'll I have the league for you. A trophy/dynasty league plus cash prizes with a cheap entry fee. I am looking for a few good men and women to fill a awesome league, which will become a dynasty league. First place will win cash and a trophy with the winners name engraved on it shipped free by me. Of course I might win so I wouldnt have to ship it but then again I am on losing streak lately. The money paid out will depend on who pays and how much is collected.


I want to invite you to join my league. I am going to try and turn into a dynasty league but right now I have only six members and I need twelve. This league is a trophy league, which means the winner will be rewarded with a 1st place trophy with their name engraved on it.

Heres the specs. The advantages to this league will be 3 Flex IDP spots, 1 pt. per two receptions, extra flex positions for WR/RB and WR/TE. I think the 1 pt. per 2 receptions increases alot of player values out there at WR giving the waiver wire a more assortment of talent to choose from. IDP's are good and I may add a required DB spot.


The league is a 12 man with two divisions on Fox Fantasy Football. Six teams will make the regular playoffs and there will be a losers bracket/toilet bowl. The cost for this league will be $15 paid to me via paypal and the link will be listed on the league home site. Money will be divied up as $100 1st, $35 second, $25 3rd, $20 goes to the winner of the losers bracket which all teams losing will have the chance. Losers from the winners bracket will play the winners who did not make the regular winners bracket, so if someone has a really bad year they still might have a chance to make some cash. This league is more about having fun and flexibilty than money but cash seems to keep people going throughout the season.


The draft will be held live on Tuesday at 8:00 Eastern

League Name (ID): SMOKIN GUN (118307)

League Password: RELOAD

League Home Page:


My email address if you have any questions is













Type in the link above to go sign up.

Draft Type Live

Time limit 90 seconds per pick


League Rules

Max Teams in League 12

Divisions 2

Player Pool NFL

Lineup Change Deadline Lock Players 5 minutes prior to respective game

Regular Season Tiebreaker Use FOX Sports Tiebreaker System

Can't Cut List Use FOX Sports can't cut list

Waiver Period 2 days

Undrafted Players Start on Waivers Yes, all players not drafted start on waivers

Initial Waiver Order Reverse Draft Order

Waiver Order Reset Reset Weekly - Inverse of Standings

Weekly Waiver Rules Place unowned players on waivers

Trade Policy Use a trade voting process

Voting Period 2 days

Trade Deadline Week 13



QB 1

RB 1

WR 1

TE 1

R/W 2

W/T 2

K 1


Ben 6

Total Roster Size 18


League Scoring System Passing Touchdowns 6 points

Passing Yards 1 point for each 30 Passing Yards

Passing 2-Point Conversions 2 points

Passing Interceptions -2 points

Rushing Touchdowns 6 points

Rushing Yards 1 point for each 10 Rushing Yards

Rushing 2-Point Conversions 2 points

Receiving Touchdowns 6 points

Receiving Yards 1 point for each 10 Receiving Yards

Receiving 2-Point Conversions 2 points


Award 1 point at 2 receptions


Fumbles Lost -2 points

Any Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown 6 points

Field Goals 0-39 yards = 3 points

40-49 yards = 4 points

50+ yards = 5 points


Extra Points Made 1 point

Sack 1 point

Safety 2 points

Interceptions 2 points

Fumble Recovery 2 points

Blocked Punt/FG/PAT 2 points

TD scored by Defense 6 points

TD scored by Special Teams 6 points

Points Use Fractional Points for Yards Gained



Playoff System 6 Teams, 3 Weeks, top 2 teams get byes

Start Playoffs Week 14

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