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16 Team, IDP,salary cap league has 2 openings

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League details:


Rosters: 53 man active, 8 man PS

IDP, all other positions- includes OL and Punters: essentially ALL NFL positions

Salary cap....contracts....

7 Round Rook draft sometime May onwards....


League Particulars:


1. Team is free to owners who agree to specific requirements- we pulish articles on FF and NFL teams at league affilliated news site.


2. each owner is responsible for publishing 6 articles per year on any subject in Fantasy Football ( I will prorate your total to reflect starting in May....4 articles in 2007...)


3. each owner also covers 2 NFL teams (4 teams available....2 for each orphan), we ask for 6 articles per year ( e.g. off season RFA, UFA: pre-draft; NFL draft results; Training camp; in season reviews; etc.....) Again i will prorate your requirement for remainder of 2007: 4 articles on each of 2 teams= 8 total.


Note- none of us are professional writers, we do this as a service for rest of FF community at this site....plus we get our teams for free as long as we fulfill our requirements.


You dont have to have any writing experience, all you need is your FF experience and a desire to put some ideas to pen.....


Any questions? you can PM me thru this site or you can email me at-







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