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Inaugural $50 Auction Dynasty IV Needs Owners QUICK

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Need about 5 more


$50 Dues


League Size:

12 Owners


Draft Type:


Dynasty Auction - All players will remain on the same roster from 1 year to the next.


Draft Start Date:


***APRIL 30th or whenever all dues are collected***


Payment by PayPal is a MUST if we are to start 4/30.


Annual Fees:


$50 with $20 deposit for next year's dues. If you choose to trade future year's draft picks, then you must pay the entire dues for that year corresponding to the picks you trade. For the first year, Annual dues will be due by ASAP. For all subesquent years (another $50...$30 for current year and $20 deposit for the next year), dues must be received by April 1st of every new season.


League Style: Head-to-Head Victory Point League Scoring


Divisional Setup: 3 Divisions with 4 teams in each division.


Fantasy Schedule:


Divisional games are more important than non-divisional games because of the payout structure and playoff structure, so I don't want any divisional games to be played during weeks 4-10 (which the MFL packaged schedule does). I don't want players' bye weeks to give 1 divisional rival an unneccessary advantage so I have to manually adjust the schedule.


You will play your divisional rival twice, 1 time during week 1-3 and another time during week 11-13...all other teams should be played once during weeks 4-10 with the exception of 1 team since there are 8 non-division teams and only 7 weeks.




Team rankings will use VP Points Scoring. 2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss in addition to 2 for a top 4 scoring team for the week, 1 for a middle 4 scoring team, and 0 for bottom 4.


Tie breakers incase there is a VP tie will be broken by (in order of priority) Win Pct, then Points For, and lastly Points Against.


Roster Size: 22


IR Spots: Each team will be allotted 2 IR spots. Players may only be placed on IR if they are placed on IR in real life. Players MUST be removed from IR and put back on the active roster once the fantasy season is completed. The deadline to do this is the Superbowl (January/February) of each season. If you do not reactivate the players on IR by the Superbowl kickoff, it will be up to the discretion of the commish to activate and drop players for you as if it were his own team and as a service fee, your bidding bucks will be deducted by $20 for the next season.


Starting Lineup(s):

1 QB 3 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 PK 1 DT

1 QB 2 RB 4 WR 1 TE 1 PK 1 DT

1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 2 TE 1 PK 1 DT


Lineup changes can be made up until game time of the player's game that week.


Scoring System: High Performance Scoring (1pt/10 rush or receiving, 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 20 yards passing, 6 pts per rush or rec td, 4 pts per passing td, punt return and kickoff return TDs will be 6 pts for the individual player AND the team defense, etc...)


Exact scoring system can be found in the "REPORTS"..."RULES"..."LEAGUE SCORING".


Waiver System:


Blind Bidding ($100 of bidding bucks for each owner for entire season). Minimum bid will be $0. The first blind bidding waivers will begin first Thursday after week 1 at 5 AM ET. There will be no waiver pick ups from the time the draft ends till the first Thursday of week 1. So draft a complete lineup! Players may get injured from the time the draft ends and when the season starts, so some owners may choose to draft a backup.


Waivers will then continue to process once a week on Thursday at 5 AM/PM. All free agents will initially start as being locked prior to week 1. From there, blind bidding submissions will be open beginning with 1st game of each week. Blind bidding waivers will automatically be processed at 5am of Thursday of each week and be awarded to the highest bidder (ties will be broken according to VP, Win Pct, PF and PA in reverse order). After waivers processes, all free agents not picked up will be available as free agents on a first come first serve basis until the kickoff of the 1st game of next week. Players picked up and dropped the same week through free agency will be able to be picked up. To get a locked player, you must contact me by email AND also post a message on the message board of your intentions. The message board post and timestamp is your claim of the player and notification to all other owners. I will then unlock the player and you can then pick him up. If I do not unlock your player by kickoff, then you must tell me 1) who you want unlocked and picked up, 2) who you are dropping 3) and who to start and take out of your lineup if you plan on making changes ON THE MESSAGE BOARD. Players dropped that were NOT picked up that week will be locked until next week's waiver process.


Remaining Bidding Bucks from 1 season will not carry over to the next.


Initial Divisional Alignment Randomization:


Once the league is full and all payments have been received, I will be placing each owner into the profantasysports.com draft order randomizer once every owner has paid...this will determine which division you are in to prevent any bias...


1.01 - 1.04 will be placed in the East Division


1.05 - 1.08 will be placed in the West Division


1.09 - 1.12 will be placed in the Central Division


You will receive an email from PFS that looks similar to the below when I hit the randomize button. An email similar to below will be sent to each owner.


1.01----TEAM A

1.02----TEAM B

1.03----TEAM C

1.04----TEAM D

1.05----TEAM E

1.06----TEAM F

1.07----TEAM G

1.08----TEAM H

1.09----TEAM I

1.10----TEAM J

1.11----TEAM K

1.12----TEAM L


Divisional alignment will remain from year to year, unless the league votes to realign in the off season. Majority vote needed to realign.


Annual Rookie Draft and Free Agent Draft:


Each year in the off season (beginning in 2008) we will hold a rookie draft for the rookies entering the rookie year.


The initial round's draft order will be in reverse order of VP's from the previous season with winning pct and then points scored being tie breakers for the first 6 draft spots. For draft spots 7 and 8 it will be the two losing teams of round one in the playoffs determined by the lesser seed getting pick #7. The loser of the consolation game is spot 9. The winner of the consolation game is spot 10. The loser of the Championship game will be spot 11 and the winner getting spot 12. The order will remain for all the rounds. The draft order will be reverse order. We will be drafting 3 Rounds.


Teams can participate in as many rounds as they choose (1 round, 2 rounds or 3 rounds)...after selection of their player, they must drop a player by the Hall of Fame preseason game. These dropped players will be locked until the first week that waivers processes.


For the teams that do not drop down to the maximum 22 roster spots by kickoff of the Hall of Fame game, the commish will drop the players for you as if your team was his and as a service fee, your bidding bucks will be deducted by $20 for the season.


The Rookie and free agent draft date for each year will occur sometime in the first 2 weeks of the month of June TBD by a league vote on the date. Let's take care of this rookie drafts before the Early Re-Drafts occur for the season.


Selecting and drafting the WRONG player:


I can't figure out a good and fair way to resolve this except IMPLORE that everyone is VERY careful when pre-drafting and VERY careful when selecting and hitting the draft button. DOUBLE CHECK, TRIPLE CHECK, QUADRUPLE CHECK before you hit that submit button to PRE-DRAFT or DRAFT.


Drafting the wrong players will NOT be reversed.


2) Expiring clock...Each owner will have 12 hours to select a player once they are on the clock. I'm hoping this will be a non-issue here but we need a policy for if the 12 hour clock expires. I will be collecting contact numbers from you and will try to contact you before this clock expires. For those that are hesitant to send me your contact numbers, this is only for your own protection.


For owners whose 12 hour clock expires, here is how I will handle it.


You and the next owner will SIMULTANEOUSLY be on the clock. For example if you have pick 1.01 and time out, YOU and the 1.02 OWNER will simultaneously be on the clock. Whoever submits the draft selection first, will have precedence...if the 1.02 Owner drafts and you still have not drafted, then 1.03 and you will be on the clock together...this will continue until you have drafted. So if you draft 1.01 and 1.02 through 1.10 pre-draft and the next choice pick up is 1.11, you and 1.11 will be on the clock at the same time.


Initial Player Distribution Auction (ALL PLAYERS and 2007 NFL ROOKIES):


Bidding and Nominations:


Addicts auctions will use a proxy style (Ebay style) of bidding. The only difference from Ebay is that the clock will reset IF AND ONLY IF the HIGH BIDDER changes.


For Example:


You are targeting getting Larry Johnson and decide to nominate him for auction. Your second important decision is to decide what your MAXIMUM bid for him would be. You decide to place a maximum bid of $160 for him. At that time, MFL will show that the bid on LJ is $1 (the minimum). Another team comes and bids $100 for LJ. Since he did not eclipse your Maximum bid, MFL will then move your bid to $101 (the next minimum increment). You will still hold the rights to LJ and the clock will continue to tick WITHOUT resetting back to 24 hours. A Third team comes and bids $120...you guessed it, you still have the high bid and your new bid is now .... yup, $121! The clock does not reset and keeps ticking... A new bid comes in at 170...this eclipsed your maximum bid so this new owner is now the NEW HIGH BIDDER at $161...the clock is reset back to 24 hours and the process continues until the HIGH BIDDER does not change for 24 hours. Let's say there are no more bids on LJ for 24 hours...he is sold at $161 (not 170)


We will continue this process until all owners have filled up their 22 man rosters with a minimum of $1 per player without going over the $400 cap.


The tricky part is bidding with your available cap room. For example, you have spent $350 and have 15 roster spots filled...thus have $50 left over with 5 roster spots to fill...you nominate Galloway with a maximum bid of $30...you cannot bid more $17 on your next on another auction...why $17 and not $20? You need to have enough $$ (in this case $3) be able to fill the last 3 roster spots at $1. In this example, let's say you bid $20 on Eddie Kennison and win him at $20. You'll be left with $30...if someone pushes your maximum bid up to $30 on Galloway, then you will have $0 to fill your last 3 spots...that would be a violation of the auction...I would have to retract your bid on Kennison and impose a fine to be determined by the league owners.


For the 1st 10 days of the auction, beginning at MIDNIGHT ET, each owner can and should nominate 1 player per day. If you miss your nomination for the day, you can not make it up the next day.


For the next 6 days, you will nominate 2 players per day. You should continue to nominate as long as you have less than 22 Total "Won" Players AND Winning Bids. At some point, you are going to get down to only needing 1 player. If you have a high bid on 1 player, then that will count as your final roster spot until someone outbids you. This should continue until every team is completely filled.


If you nominate more than the allotted players per day, each extra nominations will cost your team 5 Bidding Bucks per violation. It is extremely time consuming to track down who had the extra nominations so please be aware of your nominations. Remember each day at Midnight ET, the nomination count is reset. On Day 17, you can nominate as many players as you like to fill up your 22 man roster.


The minimum bid on a player is $1 and will be in increments of $1. In addition, MFL will NOT let you bid more than what would allow you to have enough to fill your roster at a minimum of $1 per player.


Reports...League...Auction Results Summary.


You can use this tool to determine how much you and your opponents have spent and have pending in auctions. This is a valuable tool, I highly recommend it.


Remember, You will need to fill the 22 players by the end of the draft and stay within the $400 cap.


Bid Retractions:


There will be NO retractions of bids whatsoever...


Here is my reasoning...Suppose you felt LJ was going too cheap at $150 and wanted to bump up his price to $160 without the intention of getting him. So you bid $159...However, you place your bid and eclipsed the max bid of the previous high bidder and now you are the high bid of LJ at 155. You are NOW the high bidder but don't want him at all. In addition you have gained information that the previous owner's high bid is now 154. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETRACT THIS BID. The former system allowed you to take back this bid.


So here's everyone's warning...DOUBLE CHECK, TRIPLE CHECK, QUADRUPLE CHECK YOUR BID BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY AUCTION BIDS. There will be no retractions in this Proxy format.


Trading during an auction:


There will be no trading until the auction process has completed.





10 non-trading owners will vote in the trade, 7 vetoes needed to veto a trade. Once a vote is cast, there will be no vote reversals. Trades should only be vetoed if it significantly imbalances the league or if there is a strong suspicion of collusion. It is not good etiquette to veto a trade just because you think it improves a team that is already good. As long as both teams can justify that they are improving themselves, it should be approved. There will be a 48 hour window for the votes to be cast. Non-Votes will be counted as approves.


The trade deadline for each season will be the Thursday prior to week 10 games and will resume at the conclusion of the Championship Bowl Game.


Playoffs: Weeks 14-16, 6 team Playoff, 6 team Consolation Bowl.


All division winners get a playoff invite PLUS next 3 teams with highest VP totals make the playoffs.


Tie breakers after VP are Winning Pct then Points Scored.


The 6 teams are then seeded according to the VP. Top 2 teams with the HIGHEST VP get a first round bye. For week 1 of the playoffs (Week 14 of the NFL Schedule), seed 3 will play seed 6 and seed 4 will play seed 5.


After week 1 playoffs, teams will be reseeded. The highest seed will play the lowest seed and the 2 remaining teams will play in week 2 of the playoffs (Week 15 of the NFL Schedule).


Winner of those 2 games are in the Superbowl.


Remaining 6 teams use the same scenario setup for the consolation bowl.


Playoff Tie breakers are broken by the higher seeded team. Consider this a "Home Field Advantage". With scoring going to the 1/100th's, this should rarely come into play.


Rule Changes/Modifications:


League rules are always open to suggestions and changes. Addendums to the league rules (in season and off season) will require majority vote by the league. Rule changes (in season) will require 100% league approval.



Each week, all teams MUST submit a complete roster, with their best players. If the league votes that a team is tanking (7 out of 11 teams must agree) the following will occur:


1st offense - warning and verbal spanking

2nd offense - team automatically moves to the bottom of the draft order

3rd offense - team is removed from the league


Stat Corrections:


Occasionally, the NFL will publish stat corrections that may affect the outcome of your fantasy game. ALL STAT CORRECTIONS WILL BE APPLIED TO THE LEAGUE. It can be a week later, 4 weeks later, etc. ALL stat corrections will be applied and results/standings will be recalculated. The only exception is after the kickoff of week 17 games. Any stat changes made public after the kick-off of week 17 games will not be applied.




Based on $50 yearly dues...


Based on 3 divisions


($600-$59.95 league site fee) which leaves $540 (A.K.A. I KEEP NOTHING)


1st Place = $220

2nd Place = $110

3rd Place = $75

4th Place = $40

Consolation Bowl = $20


Division 1 Winner = $25

Division 2 Winner = $25

Division 3 Winner = $25


Prizes and awards will be mailed out after week 16 stats become finalized. I will send out emails regarding if owners want their winnings a- applied to next year b- paypaled back to them or c- a check mailed to them. After I receive your email, I will send out your payment within 3 business days.


Contact me at dluvlkn@yahoo.com or PM me here if interested.

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