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Fraft Rounds 3 and 4

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Keeper: Bottoms Up (Doyle Redland) - WR Torry Holt, StL (trade with Tenderloin Terror)

Keeper: Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - RB Laurence Maroney, NE

Keeper: Sr Cooter (KCDeuce) - RB Edgerrin James, ARI

Keeper: Sippah Cups (Jackal) - RB Shaun Alexander, SEA

Keeper: Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty) - RB Willie Parker, PIT

Keeper: Soiled Glory (PISL) - RB Joseph Addai, IND

Keeper: Land Sharks (EMoney) - QB Peyton Manning, IND

Keeper: Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - RB Travis Henry, DEN

Keeper: Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - RB Rudi Johnson, CIN

Keeper: Sagamen (Twins Dad) - RB LaDainian Tomlinson, SD

Keeper: Tenderloin Terror (JGalt) - RB Steven Jackson, STL

Keeper: Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - RB Brian Westbrook, PHI


Keeper: Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - RB Ronnie Brown, MIA

Keeper: Tenderloin Terror (JGalt) - RB Larry Johnson, KC

Keeper: Sagamen (Twins Dad) - RB Thomas Jones, NYJ

Keeper: Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - RB Reggie Bush, NO

Keeper: Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - WR Reggie Wayne, IND

Keeper: Land Sharks (EMoney) - RB Frank Gore, SF

Keeper: Soiled Glory (PISL) - WR Chad Johnson, CIN

Keeper: Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty) - RB Maurice Drew, JAC

Keeper: Sippah Cups (Jackal) - RB Carnell Williams, TB

Keeper: Sr Cooter (KCDeuce) - WR Steve Smith, CAR

Keeper: Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - RB Cedric Benson, CHI

Keeper: Bottoms Up (Doyle Redland) - RB Willis McGahee, Bal


3.01 Tenderloin Terror (JGalt via trade with Bottoms Up) - QB Carson Palmer, CIN

3.02 Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - WR Marvin Harrison, IND

3.03 Sr Cooter (KCDeuce) - TE Antonio Gates, SD

3.04 Sippah Cups (Jackal) - RB Marshawn Lynch, BUF

3.05 Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty) - WR Terrell Owens, DAL

3.06 Soiled Glory (PISL) - RB Brandon Jacobs, NYG

3.07 Land Sharks (EMoney) - WR Larry Fitzgerald, ARI

3.08 Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - RB Deuce McAllister, NO

3.09 Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - WR Roy Williams, DET

3.10 Sagamen (Twins Dad) - WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, CIN

3.11 Bottoms Up (DR-420 via trade with Tenderloin Terror) - RB Adrian Peterson, MIN

3.12 Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - RB Clinton Portis, WAS


4.01 Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - WR Lee Evans, BUF

4.02 Tenderloin Terror (JGalt) - WR Javon Walker, DEN

4.03 Sagamen (Twins Dad) - WR Plaxico Burress, NYG

4.04 Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - WR Anquan Boldin, AZ

4.05 Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - WR Andre Johnson, HOU

4.06 Land Sharks (EMoney) - RB Jerious Norwood, ATL

4.07 Soiled Glory (PISL) - QB Marc Bulger, STL

4.08 Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty) - RB Ahman Green, HOU

4.09 Sippah Cups (Jackal) - QB Drew Brees, NO

4.10 Sr Cooter (KCDeuce) - QB, Tom Brady, NE

4.11 Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - WR Marques Colston, NOS

4.12 - Bottoms Up (Doyle Redland) - RB, Tatum Bell, DET

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3.01 Carson Palmer, QB, CIN (via sanctuary PM)

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At pick 3.07 the defending DPL Champion selects Larry Fitzgerald, WR Arizonia

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3.12 Clinton Portis - RB Skins

4.01 Lee Evans WR - BUffalo

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4.10 - QB Tom Brady, NE


Brees would have been my choice over Brady here, but Jackal is a focking mind-reader I think. :huh: :huh:

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