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help with changing my email address

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i have been a poster for a long time. At one of the major server crashes, i somehow lost my ability to use this username and had to create another one (was once thill). but now i have somehow been able to re-log in as this one, and figured i would use my original username.


anyway, the email for this username is old and doesn't exist anymore. when i tried to update it to my new email (different than the one registered to "was once thill") i get an error that the email is already in use.


i tried entering my email that is being said is in use into the help spot where it will email the username and reset the password, but i didn't receive an email. so i am wondering if something wacky is going on.


i don't want to post my email in this message because i don't want to start getting spamed. unless i don't have a need to be concerned about that. how can i rectify this????



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14 views, no help? i would love to get my email straight. i believe it may have something to do with the newsletter subscription. i get a newsletter email from you guys to the correct address - is that keeping me from changing this one???

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