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Fraft Rounds 13 and 14

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13.01 Bottoms Up (DR-420) - D/ST Pittsburgh Steelers

13.02 Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - RB Adrian Peterson, CHI

13.03 Sr Cooter (KCDeuce)- K Olindo Mare, NO

13.04 Sippah Cups (Jackal)- TE Owen Daniels, HOU

13.05 Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty)- QB Daunte Culpepper, OAK

13.06 Soiled Glory (PISL) - RB Vernand Morency, GB

13.07 Land Sharks (EMoney) - TE Bo Scaife, TEN

13.08 Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - WR Anthony Gonzalez, IND

13.09 Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - TE Randy McMichael, STL

13.10 Sagamen (Twins Dad) - RB Correll Buckhalter, PHI

13.11 Tenderloin Terror (JGalt) - WR Muhsin Muhammad, CHI

13.12 Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - TE Heath Miller, PIT


14.01 Twisted Dogs (Scooby) - K Jeff Wilkins, STL

14.02 Tenderloin Terror (JGalt) - TE LJ Smith, PHI

14.03 Sagamen (Twins Dad) - WR Joe Horn, ATL

14.04 Franklins Towers (G'Ted) - D/ST Oakland Raiders

14.05 Oaktown Crackwhores (TUS) - PK David Akers, PHI

14.06 Land Sharks (EMoney) - D/ST Carolina Panthers

14.07 Soiled Glory (PISL) - QB Steve McNair, BAL

14.08 Buttmont Swampbilly (Rusty) - TE Marcus Pollard, SEA

14.09 Sippah Cups (Jackal) - RB Ron Dayne, HOU

14.10 Sr Cooter (KCDeuce) - RB Jesse Chatman, MIA

14.11 Deep 13 (Orgazmo) - TE Daniel Graham, DEN

14.12 Bottoms Up (DR-420) - RB Chris Henry, TEN

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13.12 Heath Miller TE - Pittsburgh


14.01 Jeff Wilkins k -Rams

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