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Pick any five games against the spread, go 5-0 and win $50

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I have started up a unique NFL/NCAA pick em' contest.

For $5 per week starting Week One of the NFL season, (Sept.

8-9) you will pick five games that you think will cover the

spread from all the NFL games and the top fifteen college

football games Sportsline provides on the site. Simply put,

go 5-0 against the spread in the five games you pick

(totally up to you), and win $50. In addition, if more than

one team hits the 5-0 mark against the spread, more than $50

prize will be awarded each week. If a game were to "PUSH"

in a spread, it would count as a loss and you would not go

5-0 that week.


Also the five games you pick each week are cumulative, and

will add up in a separate end of season pool winnings will

take place, with 60% of the remaining pool going to 1st

place, 30% of the pool going to 2nd place and 10% going to

3rd place. The season prize awardings would be updated each



So the cost is $5 per week, $85 for the season. If

interested, email me at

fantasyfootball2007@insightbb.com today!

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