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Any Given Sunday FFL League

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I am looking for serious/competitive/active members for my latest fantasy football league. I am trying to put the best league together that I possibly can (no quitters welcome). I have been running leagues for 10 years now and they have been successful


The leagues are on yahoo at http://fantasysports.yahoo.com and are free of charge. If you do not have a yahoo ID you will have to sign up for one first before joining. This is a 12 team league with an autodraft so you will have to list the players in the order that you want them.


I use the performance scoring system (1 pt for every 10 yards rush/rec) and (1 pt for every 25 yards passing) as well as getting points for touchdowns (6 for ruch/rec TDs) and (4 for passing TDs). Also, once the league is full I will set the draft to ready immediately. Please do not join if you feel you cannot make a commitment to the league.


Only need 1 More to Fill up this league


The league ID is 419046 and password is plowster



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