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1 opening left...16 team keeper league

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There's been one opening. This is a 16 team keeper league. This was unexpected as I got late word that one of the owners can't be in it for family reasons. I emailed and said I would only send him $25 back so here's the deal. If you want to be in this league...you have to do the following


Select the team below

Pay $57 (however, you pay only $30 for this year but you put a $25 deposit for the following year)


1. Ronnie Brown


Tier 1


2. Edgerrin JAmes

3. Anquan Boldin

4. Donovan McNAbb

5. Jeremy Shockey


Tier 2


6. Darrell Jackson

7. De'shaun Foster

8. Isaac Bruce

9. Eagles Def

10. Jake Delhomme


Tier 3


11. Chris Henry (WR)

12. Ron Dayne

13. Jason Elam

14. Marcus Pollard

15. 49ers Def

16. Najeh Davenport



so let me know asap

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Id be interested, but need more info on the league... How many players can be kept, how many start at each position, scoring system, when the draft is, etc

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