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Reggie Wayne for Steven Jackson

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I'm 5-1, In first place in my division, Tied for 1st overall with the 2nd most points scored.


I was just offered his Reggie Wayne for my Steven Jackson.


My team is in my signature.


It's a yardage heavy league so SJax not scoring TD's hasn't really hurt me.


We start 2 RB's and 2 WR's and a flex so I've been starting 3 RB's.


Looking @ my team in my signature do you think I should make this trade or no?


Leave a link and I'll help you

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That's tough because your team has really good balance right now and it leaves you 1 rb injury away from a big hole at rb, whereas right now you could weather an injury at rb or wr. I personally think Wayne has more value now, but S Jax will eventually find the endzone 5-7 times this year and if the yardage has made them comparable to this point I would shy away. If you want to do it I might try to throw in D Jax and get a flex type rb packaged in return to maintain a little depth at the position.



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