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What to do with the 8th pick?

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I'm drafting 8th in 10-team league and just wondering what some probable strategies might be as far as who to build from with that spot. Factoring in the Big 4 to be gone, plus likely Gore and Turner, the 7th pick will be big in setting the trend for my draft. With someone taking either AJ or Brees at 7, I'd likely be left with the player of the aforementioned two not taken or someone along the lines of SJax, DWill, Mendenhall, etc. (several RBs with red flags, to say the very least). Any thoughts on what I should do from this spot?

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Can you trade it? Haha. I think that's a terrible position in this year's draft.


I wouldn't hesitate if Andre Johnson is still there. If not, I'd consider Rodgers or Turner. I think Michael Turner will have a bounce back season.

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Just drafted from 8 spot last night and was woried about that spot. Unless you have QB heavy league I would expect it could go similar to mine:CJ,AP,MJD,Rice,Turner,Gore and AJ gone. If one of those 7would have fallen, I would have taken them but none of them fell and I was left trying to figure it out. Luckily I had thought about it before my draft and was prepared. What I did was go Moss here and this is why. The RB's that were left all have their respective question marks and none seem to stand out(SJAX,Greene,Mathews,Dwilly,Mendy). I was leaning towards SJax but I also thought he could drop to me in the 2nd. If he didnt, I was assured of at least 1 of these 5(I ended up being left with Greene and Mathews to pick from). My thinking was to take the WR from the top tier not named AJ that I know I wanted so at least I got my first choice WR and paired him with the RB that falls to rd2. This left me with flexibility in my next couple of rds(although I destoyed that flexibility by drafting so many wr later). Here is my team if it helps you:

By rd:



Calvin(don't expect this, my league is so down on him for some reason)


Bowe(Homer hear & have been hearing good reviews in camp but shouldv gone RB)





Flacco(he was still sitting there)


Lee Evans


McLuster(homer again)



Hope it helps to look at.

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