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Love the buddy...

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Been a user of the buddy for many many years...done very well with it. Last couple years have been rough, but I'll blame my friend Jack Daniels for that!


Seriously though...I have always just entered our scoring and generate the rankings. I've never moved around the weighting on last years stats, or last 8 games...etc, nor imported stats from other sites...I feel I am not using it to the fullest...problem is for me, I don't have a ton of time to really work with it...

so if there is a cliff notes version of how to get more out of it...can someone share it?


I know it can do much more...I just have not been able to do it...plus, I've had a lot of success with my down and dirty setup....


anyone??? :dunno:

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I probably use down and dirty method myself most of the time now! :)


Honestly though, there is a lot of information in there to help do a little more research on players, reviewing past stats. I personally do not import projections from other sources, but that feature continues to be there because I know many people like it. For my auction league I'm thinking about estimating what I think people will pay for the available players and put that info in the custom fields.


One customer sent me an email saying his league only uses players in the NFC, so we rigged it up so Buddy only calculated fantasy points for players from NFC teams. Another customer uses separate DEF and Special Teams positions, which Draft Buddy doesn't have. However, I was able to copy the DEF teams over to the DL tab (which his league didn't use), alter the names slightly and put the ST projections over on the DL tab, and DL became the ST position, so he had rankings for each and could track them separately.


Lots of options and things that can be done. I saw an ad today for a competing software product that claims it isn't "a glorified spreadsheet". We may be a glorified spreadsheet but a damn good one at that.

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