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Does your league have the most savvy owners?

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Think you and your crowd knows fantasy football better than everyone else? Create a 4-man team and play in the My Fantasy Five NFL Week 14 challenge and let's see. If more than 10 teams sign up, the winning team gets $100! It is FREE to play as they are looking for players right now! :thumbsup: Use all the knowledge that you have gained this year reading Fantasy Football Today!


Get 3 of your buddies together and form a team, then make your selections for Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. If you are out of the running with your current team, this is a great way to create some fantasy excitement here at the end of the season. And if you are still rolling in the playoffs, this is just an enhancement.


It also is a whole new concept in fantasy sports, team play. It is very different rooting for your buddies instead of against them like you do in your regular league. You get the feel of being on a real team, give it a shot. :cheers:


The concept is simple, you just need to pick 5 guys every day, and have your guys perform well. For Thursday, you need to pick the 5 guys that you think will have the most scrimmage yards, rushing and receiving, plus 25 bonus points for every TD scored by your guys in the Denver-Oakland game. On Sunday you will have to pick the 5 QB's that throw for the most passing yards, plus 25 bonus points for each TD in all the games played on Sunday. To close out on Monday, we will go back to the most scrimmage yards just like in the Thursday game.


It is quick and easy to play, it literally takes less than a minute to make your picks. Registration is pretty typical, and then you just need to set up your team and enter it into the league.


Look for the instructions on the home page and join the NFL Week 14 league!




Team fantasy sports...give it a try, it's awesome!



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