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Introducing Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues (apexfantasyleagues.com)! For the highest payouts and skill-based settings, go to Apex! You get FREE expert projections just for signing up for our email list!

Brief summary: My friend Mike Braude (@BraudeM) and I (@AsherMolk), who have been playing fantasy football for 10 years each, were very unhappy with the quality of settings and payouts for online fantasy football money leagues. We didn't think those sites rewarded the best, most consistent owners. After writing for fantasy websites such asRazzball.com and currently TheFakeFootball.com for two years each, we decided to try and open our own site.

Why should YOU use Apex? We have the best combination of payout percentage and quality, skill-based settings. We have higher payout percentages (First prize for our $275 12-team leagues is $1880) than CBS Premium, AntSports, Masters Fantasy Leagues, and many other sites, and our settings will better reflect who the best, most consistent fantasy football owners are.

We want to make sure they are the ones who get paid. Our settings include two-game weeks (one vs. a random opponent, and one against the league average score to reward consistent high scoring. This helps eliminate the completely random strength of schedule component - for example, if you score the 2nd highest point total in a given week and play against the highest scoring team, you would go 1-1 in our league, instead of 0-1. This helps us depict the standings as accurately as possible), blind bidding waivers (give each owner a certain amount of free agent money to spend on any free agent they want because people shouldn't get the Waiver Wire MVP just because they got lucky in the waiver order), and deep starting lineups and rosters (10 players to start, 8 bench spots - this allows owners to use the depth they drafted to their advantage).

We try to eliminate as much of the randomness in fantasy football as possible to make sure it is a skill-based game. We are also registered with Authorize.net and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association to ensure credibility with our customers.

Thanks for your time, and please follow us on Twitter (@ApexFFML), join our email list, or email us (info@apexfantasyleagues.com) for any questions or comments!


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