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Rate my team! 10 team .5/reception ppr

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First time posting on here guys.

Yesterday afternoon I took part in a live draft at a friends house, we were supposed to have 12 guys but 2 bailed so we rolled with 10. Needless to say some guys were not prepared lol.


6 points for all tds
-2 for int
1pt=10 yards rushing and receiving

QB- Luck, Romo
RB- Charles, Forte, Sproles, Mathews, Woodhead, Hillman,
TE- Graham
WR- Fitz, Bowe, Garcon, Britt, Broyles

didnt pick a kicker because i wanted to scoop up Broyles last round. Im going to try and trade Mathews and Woodhead as a package probably.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated!

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