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Ryan Posner

Flaw in the rankings?

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This will be my 5th year using the spreadsheet, overall great work.


I haven't necessarily had full trust in the rankings, however. I know that you can customize them to your hearts content, but I'm lazy and want something I can rely on out of the box!


Let's take one example: This year Roddy White is ranked two spots higher than Julio Jones per the Compiler Auction Recommended rankings. I can find literally no other list out there that agrees with this. What's up? Is the spreadsheet heavily weighing past years or something, perhaps before Jones was drafted? Is there something I can "tone down" to get it thinking a little more clearly?



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HI Ryan. That would be a pure projections "issue" rather than the methodology with how Draft Buddy ranks the players. "Issue" meaning, you don't necessarily agree with the projections. The projections in Draft Buddy from FF Today are the same as on the website. In this scoring, no points for receptions, Jones (76-1,225-10) is ahead of White (98-1,330-8):




But over here, with 1 point per reception, White passes Jones:




I think for these sort of things, your best bet is to change the rankings for players you feel strongly about moving up or down. Or, what I might do is after my cheatsheets are to the point I'm ready to go into the draft, just highlight a player such as White to identify as "do not draft". Maybe highlight Julio as "take earlier than here".


Remember though, if you change rankings or highlight players on the cheatsheets, and then compile again, your rankings get reset and highlights could move to the wrong players.


If you find the projections are so against what you believe to be true, then you could import an alternate set of projections that is more in line with your thinking.

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