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can i put the owner and team names in ahead of time and have them reorder in the roster tab, so it makes for easier viewing? I simulated a draft (mines tomorrow) and the draft order works good but when you see the roster tab it would be much easier to see them left to right in order of picks. Is there a setting for this?


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Try this... put them in the owners tab, in advance. Then if you click on the cell just to the left of the first owner cell (cell B4), you'll notice in the formula bar that cell has a "1" in it. You can't see it, because the text is white, same as the background, but it is there. Key down one cell and the next one has a "2". Then a "3" after that, and so on and so forth.

When you get the draft order, instead of changing the draft order boxes on this tab, change these numbers I just showed you. Then, when you have the draft order in, highlight those cells plus the owner and team names. Then use Data > Sort, and sort by that first column.

That should do it. Now you have the names in the same order as the draft order, and rosters tab will follow suit.

Check your draft report tab and make sure it is accurate. If it was reset with formulas it should be okay, but if it got saved as text at some point it might be off now. To fix, on the draft report tab change the draft order option from serpentine to straight. Wait a second for it to update. Then switch it back.

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