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Kaep, Bernard, Fitzgerald for Rodgers, JGordon?

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Its a 5-player keeper league (can be kept up to three times....4 years on roster). Neither of our teams are having a good season thus far. One of us has an outside chance of sneaking into the playoffs, but its not likely. He's offering to give me:


Kaepernick (can keep him twice more)

Bernard (3 more years)

Fitzgerald (2 more years)




Rodgers (2 more years)

Gordon (3 more years)


My current roster consists of (number of years remaining in parentheses):


QB - Ryan (3) , Foles (3), (Rodgers on IR)

RB - Foster (0), Jones-Drew (3), P Thomas (3), Tate (2), Mike James (3) (DWilson on IR)

WR - Nelson (2), Gordon (3), Garcon (3), Colston (3), Shorts (3), Jennings (3)


The main thing that concerns me is Kaepernick. Still not completely sold on the kid. He also has Russell Wilson and I've thought about countering with him. Thoughts?

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