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Need your help me get to the Super Bowl. WHIR.

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Had a decent team until things started falling apart.


Pardon the long post but I would appreciate your advice in this non-ppr, standard scoring league.


The most pressing need is TE since Gronk is out.

On the wire: Cameron, Pitta, & the other Graham. How would you prioritize them?


RB pick 2. Bush or Joique vs Balt on Monday. Would give Bush an extra day of rest but risk not knowing if he'd be available. But given the risk, would you consider starting both and using Joique as a flex.

Other considerations include CJ?K vs Arizona or Gio vs Pitt (Law firm's getting all the red zone work) or Montee Ball vs SD (will Denver try to ease the load on Moreno?).


At WR, will Da'Rick Rodger be a better play than Edelman (assuming he gets more targets from Brady since Gronk's out).


Lastly at D. Torn between Philly against a possibly ADP-less Minn or Ari vs Tenn.


Thanks for making it this far.


Leave a link and I'll help you out too.




Bush has put in 2 days of practice. But I'm not sure how effective he'll be.

Does that change anyone's rankings?


I appreciate everyone's suggestions, I'll be rolling with Edelman, Cameron, & Philly D.

Bell gave me all of 4 points. Ugh.


So it comes down to picking 2 RBs: Bush, Joique, CJ?K, or Gio.


Leave a link.

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I'd take Cameron just based on his history. I had Pitta last year and while he did have some big games he also disappeared a lot.


I'd roll with Bush. (I am over Tate) I think he was a non-factor last week more because of the weather then his calf, just a hunch though.


I'd also roll with CJ2k as well

I'd go with Edelman since Gronk is out.

Philly D vs Minn without ADP.

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Cameron, Pita and Graham in that order.


Thats a brutal situation for running back with detroit. At this point I would plan on running with Gio and Ball. I think waiting for monday could lead to a disaster especially if both play and u dont know the split between them. If bush is out than find bell but you wont know that obiously till monday.


I would stick with Edelman. You know hes gonna get a ton of targets.


Phill def. is gonna go crazy. Start them.

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