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Lots of injuries but still made the championship

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I am in a 12 team 5 keeper big money league


I made the championship in spite of the loss of Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Aaron Rodgers, Ben tate, Cecil Shorts


this week I am second guessing my lineup



RBS...2/25, 5 pts @ 100, 6 pt tds and 5 pts @ 50 rec

WRs...1/25...5 pts at 100, 6 pts tds and 1 PPR


RBs get 2/25 and WRS get 1 ppr


I need to start 2 Rbs, 2 WRS and 1 flex


Zac Stacy

Gio Bernard

Jordan Todman

Rashard Jennings

Dennis Johnson


Larry Fitzgerald

Andre Johnson

Keenan Allen

James Jones

Andre Caldwell


I am leaning towards...Zac, Gio, Andre, Keenan and Todman


what you think?

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