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Dynasty needs at least 2 more....$150/year

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Below is a link to the bylaws and scoring bylaws.
Looking for at least 2 more dynasty owners to join a league that originally designed to host only owners from Minnesota, but we decided to let other owners in to make it a 12 team (or maybe more) league.
If you got a Minnesota connection, you go ahead of the list.
So what will it look like then? We will have a Fantasy Bowl with all the teams eligible and a Minnesota Bowl for just the Minnesota based teams. No monies will be rewarded for the Minnesota Bowl, just some traveling trophies. The Fantasy Bowl will be where the money is at.
Entry fee is $150 a year and will be split for the following....Fantasy Bowl Winner, Fantasy Bowl runner up, 3rd place play off winner, Best Record, 2nd Best Record, 3rd Best Record, Most points scored, 2nd most points scored, 3rd most points scored, weekly money for the team that scores the most points (all 17 weeks), Back to Back Jackpot (win the Fantasy Bowl 2 years in a row and win the jackpot), and commissioner fee (6%) to help pay for website. Leaguesafe will be used to hold the funds.
Let me know what you think.
PS Live auction draft is Thursday, August 14th, 6pm central time


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